4 Crucial Reasons You Need a Custom Website A website is crucial to your success, and building it should not be a process taken lightly. Here are four ways a custom website will change your business.

By Jigar Thakkar

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With the advent of a digital era, websites and digital platforms have become integral to businesses and personal brands. A solid online and web presence goes a long way to influencing your client and the general community of users. Hence, we see more businesses creating websites for their brands to tell a better story, highlight business functionalities, enhance wider participation and accessible digital presence.

A custom website is a website that is built from scratch using codes and programming languages. While it is easy to pick up a template and build a website, there are multiple reasons why going for a custom website remains an impressive way to represent your brand.

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What are the benefits of a custom website?

1. A unique and easily adjustable website

When getting a website, putting your brand and users' needs first is a major priority because a website can only deliver the best result tailored to your need and market demand.

While many people tend to go for a template website, the truth remains that using a template designed to suit many users for your website prevents you from designing a website that truly captures your need. On the other hand, a custom website provides you with a system where almost anything is possible; codes are written from scratch. Hence, they can be moved, adjusted or replaced totally.

2. Excellent user experience

Setting up a website is essential to showcase your brand positively to present and prospective clients. For this reason, meeting your users' needs and delivering top-notch experiences cannot be overestimated. Essentially, your website must feature an interface your customers can easily use. To achieve this, one must understand customer needs and how well they are familiar with current technology.

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A simple interface may be appropriate for some brands, and an even simpler interface may be required for other businesses. Website templates will not necessarily consider this, hence, opting for a custom website allows you to choose the right color, style, navigation setting and other important elements for an excellent user experience.

3. Improves search engine results

When building a website, it's important to pay adequate attention to Search Engine Optimization since this can increase how many users visit your website. An SEO-oriented website naturally drives more traffic than a website without SEO, and this can go a long way to determine how well your product sells or how many people get to know about your service.

A custom website allows you to create a website that is SEO oriented. Web developers from a professional company put in the right effort to remove code bloat that enhances site speed and encourages users to visit. Also, a custom website is often designed with an intuitive navigation structure that will make your website more user-friendly and reduce the bounce rate.

Even better, a custom website comes with high responsiveness, making it easy to load your website interface on multiple devices like mobile phones, tablets, iPad and PC. All these are done from scratch to enhance how fast your website appears on the Google Search Engine and how visitors enjoy navigating through all the pages.

4. A custom website is more professional

When creating a website that genuinely makes a difference, nothing is more effective than building your codes from scratch. Yes, a custom website is designed to give your brand a new, different and professional look.

With this, users can have a refreshed feel of what a website should be like, appreciate the effort put into creating such a masterpiece and carefully enjoy every second spent on your website. Also, custom website developers are professional developers who meticulously pay attention to the details and deliver a trustworthy, highly converting and legitimate website that is not a replica of another website online.


A website is a big part of your brand or business story, so you must consider every detail carefully when writing it. Designing a unique outlook for your brand can be achieved online. To do this, details like your brand logo, color and font choice are just as important as the content.

Similarly, perfect navigation and an easy-to-use interface can make all the difference in whether visitors enjoy navigating through your website, get stuck on a page, or spend a lot of time loading another.

To achieve the best result, working with qualified website developers to create a website that truly makes a difference, effectively conveys your brand value and caters to your visitors' needs is one of the most efficient tools to opt for.

Jigar Thakkar

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor


Founder & CEO of United Press

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