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6 Ways To Build a Successful Business With Your Spouse

Believe it or not, it can be done without wrecking your marriage.

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Running any successful business can be a difficult and stressful endeavor. Operating a can add a whole new level of challenges and dynamics. One husband and wife team has learned how to work together efficiently to grow one of today's most successful event entertainment companies in City.

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Fabiola Hesslein and her husband Simon Hesslein, co-founders of the emerging full-service production company Tryon Entertainment, have learned what it takes to build a successful business as a couple. Here are the lessons that I was able to derive from our conversation.

1. Always be clear about your strengths and weaknesses.

Always be very clear about your strengths and weaknesses and how you'll manage them between the two of you. The temptation is to juggle as many hats as possible in the beginning. But if you both believe there are roles you can't handle, then seek help to support those areas however you can. The last thing you both want is burnout at the start-up stage.

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2. Observe and compliment each other.

Appreciate your spouse's gifts and talents by observing and complimenting each other. It is an excellent way to strengthen your working relationship and allow you to both to shine individually within the business union -- especially when your team starts to expand. Your team will find leadership and inspiration from both of you.

3. Make sure you both agree on the vision and big picture.

Before launching and diving in together, make sure you both agree on the vision and big picture for your business. List what your successful business affords for the both of you long-term. Communicate if you ever start to see things differently to ensure the business is on track in achieving the end goal.

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4. Work-life balance.

Make work-life balance a priority so you both always walk into work with great synergy. Your team will be inspired by this, and it will help maintain great morale and a strong company .

5. Celebrate all of your goals and successes as they happen.

Celebrate all your goals and successes as they happen to remind the both of you how well you're doing as business partners.

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6. Keep the mood light and humorous.

Try approaching your relationship as you would with your best friend to help set a certain tone at work. Keeping the mood light and humorous will help the well-being of your working relationship.

It seems that with a bit of readjustment, patience and flexibility, it is possible to start and run a successful business with your spouse after all.

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