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Discover What It Takes to Build a Personal Brand for Less Than $15

Marketing strategist and speaker Dorie Clark leads an online class on building your personal presence and portfolio.

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A solid is capable of moving mountains — or at least the stock market.

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You might recall an incident that went down this time last year involving the personal brand of none other than . On February 21, 2018, the 21-year-old reality star and makeup mogul took to in response to 's confusing new layout, revealing that she'd begun to abstain from the messaging app.

"Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad," Jenner told her followers.

That single tweet from one of Snapchat's most prominent users — all 88 characters of it — was enough to cause Snap's market value to plummet about $1.3 billion.

Jenner's tweet had that incredible impact because she's used to build a personal brand that's garnered her millions of followers, who look to her for beauty tips and first-hand peeks at her lavish lifestyle. Her effect on Snap is an extreme example, but it demonstrates the extent of the influence one can wield with a fine-tuned and well-known public image.

The concept of honing a personal brand isn't reserved for celebrities, though. As consultant and author Peter Gasca once pointed out in an opinion piece for Entrepreneur, oneself as a brand is a wise personal and professional move for, well, basically any businessperson in that it "[establishes] confidence, credibility, and courage."

"As an entrepreneur, a well-defined personal brand can also assist in establishing your leadership style and establish how you want to be known both in and out of the workplace," he wrote.

So that's the "why" of setting up a personal brand; now, for the "how": You can get a comprehensive introduction to all things by enrolling in "Personal Branding For Creative Professionals With Dorie Clark," an affordable online class about positioning yourself and your small business. Taught across 16 hours of content by consultant, author, and former presidential campaign spokeswoman Dorie Clark, the course will teach you the skills you need to cultivate a presence and portfolio both online and offline.

Clark walks her students through the ins and outs of personal branding throughout 20 HD video lessons (plus bonus content), available 24/7 on both web and mobile device. She covers a broad range of topics, from making a stellar first impression to using your connections to nurture your personal image. You might not be the next Kylie Jenner once you've completed the class, but you'll certainly be left with the skills and knowledge necessary to make the most of interviews, introductions, webinars, and other interpersonal situations.

For a limited time, Entrepreneur readers can sign up for lifetime access to "Personal Branding For Creative Professionals With Dorie Clark" for just $14.99 — a 69 percent discount on the original retail price of $49.

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