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Top 13 Best Places To Find Jobs or Start Your Career in 2023 Need help streamlining your job search? Check out this breakdown of the 13 best places to find a job online and in person.

By Entrepreneur Staff

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You might have the best resume, the ideal degree and plenty of work experience — but none of it will matter if you don't know where to look for open positions. If your job search is going a little too slowly, read on to discover the best places to find a job both online and in person.

Online job listing sites

Online job listing sites are phenomenal spots to find jobs or begin your career, particularly if you are just starting out. There are a couple of reasons for this, including:

  • Online job listing sites are accessible, and you can apply to a range of different jobs across many sites without leaving your home. Job search websites are especially popular for remote jobs.
  • Online job listing sites are used by the majority of employers these days. If you walk into a business to inquire about jobs, odds are they direct you to their online job openings or listings boards anyway.
  • Online job listing sites allow you to filter different job opportunities. In this way, you can target open professional opportunities based on your qualifications, salary range requirements and other factors. You can also see what they require, like cover letters.

However, there are tons of job listing sites you can check out. Most offer both full-time and part-time job openings, plus internships. Their jobs are frequently cross-linked to social media sites, so be sure to review those pages for new notifications.

Below are 10 top places to find a job online (and three in-person), many of which are ideal for specific types of professionals or job prospects.

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is perhaps the most well-known job listing and review site overall. It's free for employers and employees and has a mobile app. Jobseekers can look for jobs and read upon each company's culture, CEO, benefits and salary information. It's generally well-loved by workers who want key employer insights.

Employee reviews can be either positively or negatively biased. Use your critical thinking when reading reviews on Glassdoor so that you apply for jobs that fit your needs, even if that's contrary to what people say about a given position. Hiring managers and human resource professionals sometimes try to adjust or edit these reviews to represent their employers accurately.

2. Indeed

Indeed is another excellent place to find jobs or start your career. It's one of the largest job listing sites available, and it covers a wide variety of industries. More importantly, it's free to use, and it has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

On the positive side, it offers many jobs to look through, typically at a rate of 10 new jobs per second. For each of those jobs, it offers salary information, company reviews and much more.

On the downside, there's very high competition for jobs on Indeed. Furthermore, companies don't always update their job listings. As a result, many of the job postings here may be outdated, and job alerts may not always be accurate on this job search engine.

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the best place to find a job if you are looking for remote work. It's a job listing platform for remote opportunities over everything else, so it's perfect for freelancers, self-employed business owners and gig workers.

There's no free option or free trial, and you'll have to pay up to $59.95 per year to access this listing site. It also only has an iOS app. However, the listings are professionally vetted, and platform users get access to exclusive deals. Thus, FlexJobs is a phenomenal place to find freelance jobs if you are committed to a remote working career.

4. Ladders

Ladders is a free and paid job listing site, particularly for managers looking for high-paying job opportunities with chances to lead teams. However, premium plans go up to almost $300 per year, and it doesn't have a mobile app yet.

That said, the job listings are all vetted, and every position on Ladders pays at least $100,000 per year. Ladders is the ideal job listing site to find a high-paying job if a standard-paying job won't cut it for your financial needs. Jobs in healthcare, finance and business administration are common.

5. Wellfound

Wellfound, formerly called AngelList Talent, is a free job listing platform. It doesn't come with a mobile app, but it does come with salary and equity information for every job, plus local and remote startup jobs. This is one of the best places to find a startup job overall, as it is used and trusted by over 130,000 startups and new small businesses.

On the downside, Wellfound has a relatively small job database compared to some of the larger listings sites. Still, it could be a great place to find a career at an up-and-coming company with lots of opportunities for advancement.

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6. Getwork

Getwork is a free job-hunting platform that posts new jobs every single day. If you are looking to be the first one to apply for an open position, check out this platform ASAP. All the jobs on Getwork are 100% verified.

Jobs must appear on company websites to be listed here; employers can't post job openings by themselves. It's best to use Getwork as an ancillary job listing board in conjunction with other job market sites.

7. Upwork

Upwork is another phenomenal freelance job listing site for freelance writers, developers, artists and more. It's not free, but it does give you a chance to connect with those looking for gig work more easily than almost anywhere else. More importantly, you'll earn reviews and a reputation on Upwork. As you get more positive reviews, employers can contact you personally, and you can join high-paying, special groups.

Note that Upwork is also a platform renowned for its low-paying jobs. You may need to hunt for freelance gigs that are worth your time and effort as you work from home.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is perhaps better known as a professional social networking site, but it also works to find jobs by connecting directly with recruiters. It's free, but you can also pay for the premium $39.90 per month plan to use all the features on the desktop site and the Android or iOS mobile app.

LinkedIn is a unique place to find jobs as it's phenomenal for networking, and it makes it easy to find and contact recruiters and managers yourself. You can find many potential employers in your industry, as well as thought leadership, career advice and useful connections to help you land your next job.

Job postings can expire without warning, and be aware of spam and scam messages. Additionally, ensure your LinkedIn profile and career page are professional and up-to-date with job titles — you never know who might view your profile.

9. Snagajob

Snagajob is a free job listing platform with iOS and Android apps. It has over 100 million registered jobseekers and 700,000 employer locations. While it is inundated with advertisements and spam messages, it does have a very large number of job listings.

If you are looking for quick work, Snagajob is also great since it has an Urgent Jobs filter. This can help you find positions that need to be filled quickly.

10. Monster

Last but not least is Monster. It costs up to $349 for employers, but it has a high-quality Android and iOS mobile app. It is fairly comparable to Indeed, but it has fewer job filters, and the salaries aren't always listed. Since employers can't list jobs for free, there are fewer jobs to look through on Monster overall.

However, it's free for job seekers. Those on the hunt for a job can apply to certain, normally entry-level, positions without having to make an account. Thus, it could be a great place to find a job if you are just looking to start your career or find a position to pay the bills in the meantime.

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In-person events and centers

Although searching for a job online is wise, there are still places to find a job in-person. These "real world" locations and opportunities could be great ways to learn about job openings that aren't posted online for one reason or another.

11. Professional networks

Professional networks, such as conferences, networking events and organizations you are a part of, are often great places to find jobs. Many professional networks are the only ways to learn about high-level, executive or managerial jobs in some industries, like business or finance.

That's because many of these jobs are filled based on personal recommendations. A CEO, for instance, may need to fill a CFO position for their business. To do that, the CEO talks to other people in a professional organization or network. That way, they knows they're hiring a candidate who has the right skills for the job, rather than sifting through dozens of job applications on online listings sites.

12. Placement agencies

Placement agencies are dedicated businesses that focus on placing job candidates. You can walk into a placement agency business, give them your portfolio and wait for them to find you a potential job spot. Placement agencies are very common in some industries, but they are less common for entry-level positions.

13. Community centers

Community centers — which can include coffee shops, churches, conference centers and more — are also good places to find jobs. Specifically, look for notice boards, which generally include posters and brochures about a variety of community events and opportunities.

In some cases, community center notice boards typically include job postings from local companies. These could be great ways to find local jobs, like smaller shops, restaurants or even local government jobs. Sometimes, these smaller businesses don't post job openings online, particularly if they operate in a small town and there aren't enough people in the town to warrant an online posting in the first place.

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Land that perfect job

Now you know where to find a job online and in person — whatever your job preferences may be, there's a website or in-person location that can help you find what you need. Using these resources, you can land on plenty of excellent open job opportunities sooner rather than later.

Check out Entrepreneur's other guides and resources for more information on this topic.

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