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A 'Silver Tsunami' Is About to Upend the Housing Market, Says Analyst Who Accurately Predicted the 2008 Financial Crisis

A rash of Baby Boomers nearing retirement are expected to start downsizing next year.

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The Silent Crisis — Why Baby Boomer-Owned Businesses Need a Revival Strategy Now

Tech and AI-driven innovation is revealing a silent crisis. Baby boomer-owned businesses, especially in blue-collar industries, once the backbone of the economy, are facing unprecedented challenges.

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This Indulgent Retirement Trend Is Popular Among Young Professionals — But Financial Planners Are Providing a Dose of Reality

Gen Z is spending more on non-essential purchases like travel and entertainment.

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Your Gen Z Coworkers Are Laughing When You Use the Phrase 'Out of Pocket.' Here's Why — Plus 5 Other Common Communication Fails.

Your simple attempt to say you have a dentist appointment in the afternoon could be leaving your younger colleagues in stitches.

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'Not Much Financial Education' — Yet Millennials Have Boomers and Gen X Beat When It Comes to Retirement Savings. Here's Why.

Millennials might own fewer homes and make less money — but they're on track for a better retirement.

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Gen Z Isn't the 'Snowflake Generation' and Probably Works Harder Than You, Research Shows

Thirty percent of Americans are working a side hustle due to economic concerns.

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Gen Z Workers Say Boomer Employees Are 'Tech-Shaming' Them: 'It Makes Me Feel Silly'

They might be able to film and edit TikToks with ease, but don't ask them how to use a printer.

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How to Create a Hybrid Work Environment That Works for All Generations

Employers can successfully create a hybrid environment that benefits all employees by focusing on collaboration, flexibility, and a shared understanding of what hybrid means for the organization.

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People Are Starting to Get Really Annoyed by 'Quiet Quitting'

What started off as a form of quiet rebellion has now become a insufferable nuisance, a new survey finds.

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3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Great Wealth Transfer

We have officially entered the largest wealth transfer period in history. Here are three key ways to prepare yourself for the Great Wealth Transfer and improve your financial position.

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'They Don't Know What Work Actually Means': Manager Fired After Posting Rant Against Gen Z on Front Door

A Dollar Tree in Indiana is going viral after a strongly worded hiring notice was plastered to the front door of the store.


'No saben lo que realmente significa el trabajo': el gerente fue despedido después de publicar una diatriba contra la generación Z en la puerta principal

Un Dollar Tree en Indiana se está volviendo viral después de que un aviso de contratación fuertemente redactado fuera pegado en la puerta principal de la tienda.


Según un estudio hecho en el Reino Unido los mayores de 55 años no están conformes con la manera en que son representados en la publicidad

Se trata de un importante segmento de la población con poder adquisitivo que es prácticamente ignorado por las campañas publicitarias.