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3 Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Incorporate to Build Brand Awareness

Small businesses face an uphill battle when it comes to building brand awareness. Podcasting, influencer marketing and local SEO are all affordable-yet-powerful marketing strategies that can help.

Kimberly Zhang

5 Strategies You Need to Build Your Brand

Brands are built by people who love the business vision and mission.

Zaheer Dodhia

The Future of Innovation in the Beauty Industry

Brands must innovate their experiences and offerings to meet the new needs of consumers in the post-pandemic environment.

Joy Chen

Twitter backtracks and changes its new design due to user complaints about headaches

Less than a week ago, Twitter released its new design and it already has to modify it because it rained complaints from dissatisfied users.

How to Tell Your Brand's Social Impact Story

Authenticity, Philanthropy and Sustainability can be the Cornerstones of Success.

Every Brand and Business Person Should Do This to Ensure Their Credibility

Being sloppy in your business communications reflects poorly on both you and your business.

Kevin Roddy

Wakanda forever! This would be the Olympic Games in 2024 according to an artist

Brazilian illustrator Jonas Pina decided to imagine what the next Olympic Games would be like if they were held in the African nation of Marvel and the result is wonderful.

March Violante

Should You Hire Your Own Publicist? How to Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing Business Landscape.

The founder and president of Krupp Group shares her public relations tips to help brands stay relevant.

Jessica Abo

The 5 fundamental keys to developing your personal brand on and off the internet

Personal branding is one of the main reasons why professionals manage to obtain better employment and development opportunities in today's market

Don't Forget Branding as You Look to Grow Your Business

If you grow your business beyond your brand, you're doomed to fail.

Braden Kelley

Is Trust or Innovation More Important for a Brand in 2021?

In these evolving times, it is more important than ever to stay true to your core values and brand positioning.

Darpan Munjal