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Entrepreneur Network

Want to Get on the Cover of the Rolling Stone? Follow These Tips to Persuade the Media.

Bestselling author Ben Angel tells you how to convince media types to feature you as an expert.

Foxconn to Pay Approximately $3.5 Billion in Sharp Takeover

Foxconn cut its initial offer by nearly $900 million following the emergence of previously undisclosed liabilities at Sharp.

CEO Tim Cook Was the Lowest Paid Top Executive at Apple in 2015

Apple had a good year for the most part under Cook, but the company hit a rough patch towards the end of 2015.

Airbnb Vows to Work With Cities, Enforce Tax Rules

The sharing platform said it will make sure homeowners pay their 'fair share' of hotel and tourist taxes.

'Yelp For People' Co-Founder: Your Hate Only Fuels My Resolve to Launch Peeple

Our exclusive Q&A with Julia Cordray, the brassy CEO behind the Internet's most hated app.
Legal Issues

Microsoft and Google Make Peace in Patent Battles

The companies are settling 18 cases in the U.S. and Germany.

Report: Volkswagen CEO Ousted Over Emissions Scandal

The automaker has lost more than a third of its market value in just two days amid the emissions scandal fallout.