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Author Malcolm Gladwell Slams Remote Workers: 'You're Just Sitting In Your Pajamas'

Gladwell chatted with Steven Bartlett on the “Diary of a CEO” podcast to talk about remote working.

Emily Rella

8 Ways to Balance Your Home Life and Remote Work (And Stay Productive)

As more employees report a permanent transition to remote work, several key strategies can help protect the boundary between work and home life.

Nancy Solari

People Run for Cover, Wade Through Water as Mass Floods Wreak Havoc on Disney World

Thunderstorms and subsequent flooding in the Orlando area have put a damper on summer vacations.

Emily Rella

'Greatest Storyteller Wins.' Katy Perry on the Surprising Link Between Pop Stardom and Entrepreneurship.

Pop icon Katy Perry co-founded a new line of elegant and innovative non-alcoholic beverages with master distiller Morgan McLachlan -- and she has some advice for artists and entrepreneurs alike.

'Not In a Billion Years Am I Eating This': Customers Threaten to Boycott Cracker Barrel Over New Menu Item

Patrons were livid on social media after the restaurant chain announced that it would be serving a vegan option.

Emily Rella

'Airlines Don't Like Being Told How To Manage Their Customers': New Refund Rule Is Good News for Travelers, but Not For Airlines

Consumers could get a refund if a domestic flight is delayed three hours or more, per a proposed new rule. But an airline analyst predicts airlines may put up a fight.

'The Single Dumbest Decision Made By Any Corporation': HBO Max Gears Up for a 'Gutting' and Fans Are Furious

Sources report that Warner Bros. Discovery will be restructuring ahead of its Q2 earnings call.

Emily Rella

SpaceX Debris Fell from the Sky an Landed on a Farm in Australia

A massive chunk of the SpaceX Crew-1 Dragon rocket was found in a farmer's field in rural Australia.

Emily Rella