Starting a Business CEO Sachin Dev Duggal Wants to Make Creating Apps As Easy And Quick As Ordering A Pizza With His Artificial Intelligence-Powered No-Code Platform

With a vision to make app creation simpler for small business owners, office managers, business analysts and others, has assimilated certain techniques to help users save money as well as time.

Starting a Business

I Left Google to Pursue No-Code — Here's How It Changed My Perspective on Bringing Products to Life

Leaving Google, struggling to find a technical co-founder, and not acting on ideas — no-code shifted my perspective on bringing products to life.

Science & Technology

How to Build an App When You Have No Coding Knowledge or Programming Skills

The world is moving towards a no-code era. In this article, we'll discuss what no-code app builders are, how they work, and why founders and startups should opt for them to build an application.

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These Top Coding Courses are Bundled for Less Than $2 a Course for a Limited Time

Learn to code from the comfort of your couch with this nundle, now 99% off.

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Every Entrepreneur Could Learn to Code

Get lifetime access to 14 coding courses for just $40.

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Why Entrepreneurs Use No-Code To Launch MVPs

You've heard of the minimum viable product, but what about the minimum lovable product? In an increasingly competitive market, can you afford to start something that isn't perfect?

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Start Your Coding Journey by Learning Scratch

Learning to code doesn't have to be tediously difficult.

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Learn to Code Online, In Your Own Time

Get 14 courses for just $40 and learn data science, web development, and more.


5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Using No Code

Today, no-code is dominated by early-stage entrepreneurs to build their MVP or side hustle. But no-code can be used for so much more. It's time for enterprises to become more efficient, innovative and productive.

Science & Technology

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Learn to Code

Learning to code is essential in today's workplace.