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The Over-the-Top Strategy That Is Creating Lifelong Customers for This Restaurant Group

Patrick Barrett and Tim Whitlock of Mastro's Restaurants discuss elevated dining experiences, the importance of responding to customer feedback, and share their advice for hospitality hopefuls.


This Principle is the Secret to Making Your Customer Service Irresistible

Customers share a strong desire for recognition: to be seen, acknowledged and appreciated. If you incorporate this into your customer service approach, you're destined for success.


How to Make Your Customers (and Employees) Love Returns This Holiday Season

Holiday returns are dreaded by businesses and customers alike, here's how to make the process better for everyone.


Don't Talk to Another Customer Until You Learn This Simple Customer Service Secret

Every customer is at the center of their own world. This simple realization can be your ticket to customer service transformation and excellence, as this customer service consultant and trainer explains.

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4 Surefire Ways to Be Exceptional With Your Customer Care

The better you are to your customers, the better they are to you. Here's how this lesson translates to business and why you should do the same.

Growing a Business

How I Eliminated the Sales Funnel By Focusing On This One Business Strategy

It's time to rethink your sales model and focus less on sales and more on service.

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5 Strategies to Protect Your Company's Customer Service from AI Pitfalls

While AI offers great potential for improving customer service, it's essential to navigate its challenges with caution. By following these strategies, businesses can harness the power of AI effectively and safely.

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Setting a New Standard for Customer Service

In this episode, hear how Ben and Jenny McAvoy, owners of Insectek Pest Solutions, prioritize communication and put customers at ease in the face of stressful pest encounters.


Want to Become a Truly Customer-Centric Organization? Take These 5 Transformational Steps Now

If you're taking the initiative to be more customer-centric, these five points from the perspective of a customer service consultant will get you well on your way — while keeping you from making unnecessary detours along the way.


What I've Learned Training the Top Hotel Brands in Customer Service

Secrets of customer service as practiced by the greatest Five Star hotels in the world — from the trainer who teaches them.

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Beware The Customer Cliff of Dissatisfaction — or Prepare to Lose Customers Fast

The Cliff of Dissatisfaction in customer service and the customer experience is the precipice where your customers (or prospective customers) lose faith that you can serve them in a timely manner. Here's how to identify it and fix this problem wherever it may occur.


Free Report: How To Grow Your Customer Base By Making Personal Connections

Use this guide to maximize revenue and customer happiness through better communication.

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It's No Longer About Competition or Cooperation. This Is the New Force That Is Driving Business Success.

The new book, "The Third Paradigm," discusses how businesses should harness the power of consumers who want a say in creating and improving the products and services they buy.

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Recession Fears Still Haven't Gone Away — Here's How This Strategy Can Save Your Small Business in a Downturn.

Recession fears are on every business owner's mind, which means we all want to get — and keep — more customers. Building strong relationships with them can help protect the small business owner during a downturn, so here's how you can automate this process.

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10 Expert Principles For Designing Better Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys

Do you truly want to know how customers view your customer service (and can handle the truth)? If so, here's a 10-point consultation that will help you do exactly that through improved customer survey design and proper deployment and follow-up practice.