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Science & Technology

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a CRM

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is prioritizing tasks and projects — here are four reasons a CRM can help your business.

Science & Technology

3 Practical Ways to Let Artificial Intelligence Work for You

Rather than redesign their business' entire approach just to meet AI somewhere along the horizon, leaders can instead take a more practical route and ask how AI can improve their current strategy.


Understanding the 3 Tiers of Customer Service (and How to Get to the Top)

Where do you stand in terms of customer service? And how do you rise to the top? Here's how to prepare for sustainable bottom-line results.


Five Things Online Brands Can Do Right Now To Improve Customer Service

Customer support teams can make the pivotal difference for your business.


This is the Worst Possible Way You Can Make A Customer Feel (and How To Avoid It)

The most cringeworthy customer service mistake you're probably making and the customer service training tips for making it stop.


Business Growth Stems From Getting the Right Customer Feedback. Here's How to Get It.

Here's one of the most effective strategies in the pursuit of making customers happy when their expectations are constantly changing.

Growth Strategies

Unleashing The Potential Of Social Listening (It's Not Just About Being Responsive!)

While having dedicated teams to respond to customer queries on digital channels is crucial for an effective social media strategy, true social listening goes beyond mere responsiveness, and aims to provide tangible solutions.


The Ultimate 6-Step Guide to Building Lifelong Customers with Excellent Customer Service

Elevate your company out of the deadly commodity zone by creating "wow" moments in your customer service experience, a proven way to build customer loyalty, engagement and ambassadorship.


I Left Google Because It Wasn't Innovative Enough. Now I Work at a Startup Doing What the Tech Giant Wouldn't.

Working at Google was a dream opportunity — until I realized my department would be left behind.

Growing a Business

How to Write Honest Reviews That Help Local Businesses Thrive

Yelp Community Manager Bailey Dixon provides tips for Yelp users on how to write reviews that help local businesses improve.


Yes, the Rich Are Different — Here Are 5 Customer Service Secrets I Learned While Working With Wealthy Clients

If you want to win — and keep — wealthy clients (aka, HNWIs), exceptional customer service training is the golden ticket that will bring you success.

Science & Technology

3 Ways to Lean into Tech Without Losing the Human Touch

Tech is a powerful business tool, but it shouldn't overshadow your brand's human touch. Here are three ways to avoid that issue and get the most out of your tech.


These 2 Crucial Customer Service Moments Give You 80% Of Your Value — Here's How to Capitalize on Them

Want to give yourself a massive leg up on your competitors? Transform how your customer service is perceived by focusing on these two moments in the customer journey.


How to Turn an Upset Customer Into Your Company's Best Advocate

The secrets of turning upset customers into raving fans, courtesy of the scientifically proven principle called "the service recovery paradox."

Business Models

4 Ways to Understand the Rise and Fall of DTC Brands

What happened to DTC brands and why — and the evolution that is now required in direct-to-consumer branding.