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5 Ways to Provide a Positive Customer Experience in Ecommerce

Today, consumers have many online shopping options to choose from, making the customer experience a key competitive differentiator for ecommerce companies.

Why Fit In When Your Business Can Stand Out

At the mouth of Monterey Fisherman's Wharf lies Paluca Trattoria, a "coastal chic" restaurant focused on keeping the history and authenticity of its location alive.

The Secret to Retaining Unhappy Customers and Empowering Happy Ones

Here's how to close the feedback loop and enhance your brand in ways you haven't even thought about.

Sumit Aneja

How to Prioritize Customer Service When You're Shortstaffed

Seven ways to shine in a time of workforce shortage

Laura McHolm

4 Reasons to Walk a Mile in Your Customers' Shoes (And How to Do It)

Why you should get your customers' perspectives, and how it will help with the success of your business.

Mike Kappel

How Apps Are Changing Our Everyday Lives

These days it seems there's an app for everything, but should your business have one?

Jean Ginzburg

Why Implementing IT Service Management Is More Crucial Than Ever

The importance of digital tools came to the forefront during the pandemic, and this is the year that you need to live up to your customer's expectations.

Saurabh Kumar

Your Speed of Response Affects Your Bottom Line

If you are struggling to gain an edge over your competitors, consider getting better at this one tactic.

Jean Ginzburg

How to Meet Customers At Their Pain Points

The more you know why something's a pain point, the more you can tailor your marketing solutions.

Aimee Tariq

4 Marketing Strategies That Will Turn Your Customers Into Billboards for Your Business

Learn how to create lifelong relationships with your customers today so they become passionate champions for your business tomorrow.

Brian Buffini