Is Your Business Catering to Its Customers Or Its Product?

Product-centric focus can detract from customer experience. Here's how to change that.

David Kreiger

· 5 min read

Free Webinar: Simple Marketing Techniques to Re-Engage With Customers and Make Them Feel Safe

Franchise Bible author Rick Grossmann discusses how marketing is changing and new ways and platforms for sending your marketing messages to your customers.

Entrepreneur Insider

· 1 min read

Buyer Personas: What They Are, Why They Matter and How to Best Build One

Fictional representations of customers can help you get a deeper understanding of who's purchasing your products.

Jennifer Spencer

· 4 min read

What Franchises Should Know Before Hiring a PR Firm

Franchisors and franchisees alike can benefit from a talented PR firm that can get the attention of new customers. Here's how to find a match.

Hayden Field

· 3 min read

Is Poor Customer Experience Person-Related or Policy-Related?

Odds are, it's a bit of both, but there are ways to change course.

Phil Geldart

· 5 min read

The Secret to a Successful Business Is Happy Customers

Have happy customers and you'll increase your likelihood of success.

Chris Porteous

· 4 min read

The Moving Target of Customer Expectations

As consumer needs and wants evolve, so must your business.

Phil Geldart

· 5 min read

· 7 min read

Want to Better Connect With Your Customers? Consider Blockchain.

Major players are investing in blockchain technology to provide more incentive for users.

Sarah Austin

· 6 min read

· 9 min read

This Platform Streamlines Your Customer Management

Show your customers how much you care with HelpCrunch Customer Platform.

Entrepreneur Store

· 2 min read

How to Use Google Reviews to Increase Customers and Sales

Strategies to ramp up your SEO to produce more foot traffic and site visits.

Imran Tariq

· 5 min read