Innovating 'Cashfree' Alternatives

Cashfree Payments is also looking to expand and establish itself in south-east Asia, Africa and the middle-east

Saptak Bardhan

Need To Safeguard Smaller Businesses With Digital Solutions Amid the Changing Time

The onset of COVID-19 has ushered small businesses to integrate digital technology as part of their operational strategy

Nitin Jain

India Is At the Cusp Of a Healthcare Revolution. Needs a Pat On the Back

The healthcare sector is looking at the Union Budget 2022 to bring India's next digital revolution in healthcare to make India the next global healthcare hub

Anurag Khosla

Ever-evolving Agri Landscape Revolutionizes India's 'Atmanirbhar' Vision

Advancements in agritech with the adoption of right technology has enabled firms to redesign the farming experience with myriad benefits for farmers

Utkarsh Apoorva

There Is Decoupling Between Available Technology And Organizations: Puneet Chandok

The president of Amazon Web Services India and South Asia believes that the technology which we now possess is moving at a fast pace but the skills and techniques which an organization need for it, are still lagging behind

Ashmita Bhogal

Looking for Leads: Refining Lead Generation as European Businesses Embrace the 'New Normal'

The pandemic has forced consumers to change their purchasing habits. Now time for businesses to refine their lead generation strategies and focus on what works today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Dmytro Spilka

Will adopting digital can actually help MSMEs ride through Covid

Digitization is The Solution for India's MSMEs to Survive in a Post-Pandemic World. Here's Why

Pushkar Mukewar

The Power Of Technology To Enable Trade

A look at how COVID-19 taught SMEs across the UAE that being well enabled in the digital space is essential.

Girish Nanda

This Network Bids on Blockchain Technology To Bank the Unbanked

EasyFi Network has envisioned a unique permission-less money market protocol for digital assets

John Stanly

This Startup Is Digitizing Bus Commute In India

Mumbai-based Chalo digitizes buses and makes them safe and reliable by enabling live tracking and contactless digital payment

Debarghya Sil

Fintech Unsecured Lending: Challenges And Myths

Private sector financial institutions are leading innovation in various fintech products to enable more easy digital access to their existing as well as new financial products

Ilica Chauhan

This Company Creates Blockchain Tools To Help Small and Medium-Sized Business

ATROMG8 builds decentralised ecosystems in all areas which are available to partners and new clients on the principle of blockchain and software-as-a-service

Julian Lim