57% of micro and small businesses are committed to combining online and physical sales, reveals GoDaddy study

The GoDaddy Entrepreneurship Survey 2021 reveals that 6 out of 10 entrepreneurs ventured into online sales due to the pandemic, but will not give up their physical stores

Do you want to digitize your SME? BanBajío offers credits for up to 30 million pesos for the technological transformation of your business

BanBajío will provide loans to finance the digitization of small and medium-sized companies through Microsoft's Digital SMEs initiative.

Here's what restaurants need to take advantage of digitization

These are some of the challenges of the restaurant sector in this digital age and how we can face them.

Rodrigo Segal

Mexico seeks to reinvent itself through Artificial Intelligence

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation process in Mexico and more and more companies are reinventing themselves through Artificial Intelligence to maintain their profitability.

Hugo Cen

Automating customer service, the next technological bet for SMEs

Although the adoption of technologies that allow automating processes has been related as a concept that is only available to large companies, the reality is that there are more and more options for SMEs to implement automation in their business units.

In a cloud-first world, preparation will be key

For students, entering the job market better equipped means mastering the cloud.

Camila Frías

The 6 systems that you must put in your business before you win the competition

How to be more competitive with cutting-edge technology in the food and beverage sector.

José Rivero

How to build long-term profitability (with digitization)

There are 4 keys that are basic for the recovery of your business after the pandemic.

Rodrigo Segal

Why we should bet on technology on Earth Day

The pandemic has not only inherited changes to our lifestyle, but it has also provided a respite for the planet.

Challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs during the pandemic

In the first five weeks of confinement, society and economies were digitized more than in the previous five years

The revolution of the Internet of Things, a world to discover

The business fabric in Latin America is strongly made up of traditional companies, but how to turn this reality around?

Resilience Is No Longer a Cliche

How to get out of the post-pandemic uncertainty safely.

Marja Morante