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How to Navigate the Hidden Risks of AI and Digitization

Discover how businesses can harness the potential of AI-powered digitization while mitigating risks related to data governance, ethics, workforce adaptability and cybersecurity to drive optimization and achieve unprecedented growth.

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Startup Spotlight: UAE-Headquartered StonAI Is Digitizing Repetitive Administrative Tasks For Construction Companies

Claiming to offer the first ever intelligent assistant software for construction projects, the StonAI platform uses AI-driven models that can prioritize essential time-consuming tasks within a given project.

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Digitization Is the Revolutionary Lever We Must Unlock

India is the world's fastest-growing major economy with over 600 million females in the country. Yet, less than 20% of women are in the formal workforce and we have less than 15% women entrepreneurs.


Get This Top Scanning App for Tax Season at More Than $150 Off

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Why AI Is the Next Step In Digitization Of the Finance Sector

This novel wave of innovation focuses on enhancing customer experience. Conversational AI, such as chatbots, is also becoming a popular must-have for brands at the front end

Growth Strategies

Applied Science: How Digital Disruption Is Revolutionizing The Events Industry

From virtual reality boosting attendance and increasing revenue to big data being utilized to anticipate and exceed attendee expectation, here's how tech innovations have disrupted old-school tactics.


Blockchain To Revolutionize the Lending Space In the Fintech Industry

With increasing focus on the payments segment and closely followed by securities and trade finance, blockchain will focus on evolving complexity and delivery timeframe


Innovating 'Cashfree' Alternatives

Cashfree Payments is also looking to expand and establish itself in south-east Asia, Africa and the middle-east