Elevator Pitch


4 Steps to Take Before Asking Investors for Money

Entrepreneurs need to ensure their company has sufficient capital. Raising funds is a fundamental way to do so.

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The Secret to a Great Pitch? This Female Founder Shares the Simple Strategy That Continues to Win for Her.

Bitewell co-founder Sam Citro explains how she prepared to wow investors on "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch."

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This Founder Won $10K for Her Safety-Driven Lipstick Company. Here's the Strategy She Used to Craft Her Perfect Pitch.

On this episode of the "Post-Pitch Podcast," Joy Hoover discusses funding and growing Esoes, her cosmetics company with a mission.

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This Game Creation Company Just Scored a $100K Investment. Here's the Inside Story of How the Founder's Pitch Won Big.

Mariam Nusrat explains how she was able to lock up a huge investment for her gaming company Breshna.io on "Elevator Pitch."

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How This Juice Bar Founder Squeezed Success From His Appearance on 'Elevator Pitch'

Ross Franklin, founder and CEO of Pure Green Franchise, explains his strategy for nabbing a sweet deal on "Elevator Pitch."


How This Food App Founder Scored a Very Healthy $200K Investment

On the new episode of the "Post-Pitch Podcast," the co-founder of Bitewell discusses how her appearance on "Elevator Pitch" resulted in a tasty investment.

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Who Wins Big on the High-Stakes Season Finale of 'Elevator Pitch'?

Get ready because season 10 ends with big dreams, big emotions and big money!

Growing a Business

8 Things Your Pitch Deck Needs If You Want Investment in Your Company

A successful pitch deck has these eight sections.


How This Founder Unlocked the Secrets to a Perfect Pitch

K. Rocco Shields, founder of the AI-powered training platform Genius Academy, discusses her winning strategy for securing funding on "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch."

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What Should You Value More — An Investor's Money or Their Experience?

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," a contestant has a very tough decision to make: Take the big money now, or gamble on bigger money later.


How to Create a Winning Pitch for Your Digital Platform

Zach Barney, the founder of Mobly, explains how he created a successful pitch for his big shot at glory on "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch."

Starting a Business

This 19-Year-Old College Student's Invention Relieves Migraines -- and His Pitch Landed a $10,000 Investment

On this episode of the "Post-Pitch Podcast," David Fleming explains the development of his health product, and how he created a pitch that blew investors' minds.

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Would You Give This Former Hacker Your Money?

On the new episode of "Elevator Pitch," our investors need to contend with some serious trust issues.

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Can You Recover From Blowing an Investor Pitch? Yes, Here's How.

On the new episode of the "Post-Pitch Podcast," tech entrepreneur Brandon Storms discusses working up the courage to pitch his company to investors for a second time on "Elevator Pitch."

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New Entrepreneur Podcast Offers Inside Secrets on How to Pitch Investors

On the premiere episode of the "Post-Pitch Podcast," the founders of Smoodi discuss how they formulated a winning pitch for their smoothie-making robot company.