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Playing The Odds: Understanding The 6% Rule When Fundraising For Your Startup

Founders have to be resilient and thick-skinned. Prepare yourself to exhaust your network of investors, and accept the fact that fundraising is going to take time, even if that's a hard pill to swallow.

Zach Ferres

A Medical Startup Is Ready to Disrupt the Women's Health Industry

Plus, the RealReal jumps almost 50 percent after its IPO, and MobiTV raises $50 million in funding.


10 Things to Know about Building a Profitable Business

While ideas, knowledge and passion create an image of business romanticism but when it comes down to building a profitable business, entrepreneurs often wonder what it really takes

Bhavya Kaushal

An Investor for the Rookie

Tarun Davda's mantra for investment - "Team, Team and Team"

Mohit Sabharwal

Early Financial Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Following these simple yet effective tips will help you make a substantial difference in the market

Manish Khera

Dubai Chamber's New Whitepaper Proposes Solutions To Key Funding Challenges Faced By UAE Startups

The report, titled Helping Startups Access Funding and published in collaboration with Roland Berger, was released during an event in the Entrepreneurship Advocacy series run by Dubai Startup Hub, the entrepreneurial support arm of Dubai Chamber, at its head office in March.

Megha Merani

Factors Early Stage Startups Should Keep in Mind before Generating Funds

Here are the things that early stage startups should achieve before looking forward to generating funds from early-stage Venture Capitalists and Investors

Madhurima Roy

What This Female Angel Investor Looks for in a Startup

It is the expertise, experience, network and willingness to help and support the founders on their journey that will result in a high return on investment for any business angel.

Lilia Stoyanov