Cargamos raises $ 11 million, the largest logistics technology seed round in LatAm

Today, the Mexican startup has 10,000 of its own distributors who mainly serve the needs of warehouses for retail products.

Shortage of supplies and containers could lead to shortages on Good End and Christmas

Given the shortage of containers that has occurred worldwide since mid-2020, various industrial sectors suffered damages in delivery times and logistics planning.

Mercado Libre launches two initiatives for you to earn money and help you with your logistics

The e-commerce company is committed to expanding its presence throughout the country by adding small businesses such as package agencies and independent distributors to its logistics network.

10 startups and technology companies that are changing the logistics and last mile market in Mexico

The Mexican Association of Online Sales AMVO, in 2020 online sales grew by 81%, catapulting many of the companies focused on the last mile to success.

3 tips to implement an omnichannel strategy reducing costs

Consumer habits have been changing very rapidly, especially in the last year. Now more than ever, customers tend to demand more, they are active consumers, they are much more informed than ever and they constantly share content on their social networks.

Free Webinar | May 19: How to Optimize Operations When Scaling Nationally

Learn everything you need to know about keeping operational costs low to maximize your budget while implementing a fulfillment strategy that exceeds your customers expectations and keeps them coming back for more.


8 Logistics Tricks To Be Competitive

Find out how to reduce costs, improve quality and increase your productivity through proper supply chain management.

The challenges for eLogistics that 2020 left in LATAM

While the pandemic halted some business operations, e-commerce soared in amounts unthinkable before 2020, representing a great opportunity for electronic logistics.

How Food and Beverage Brands Can Stand Out to Retail Buyers

There is simply too much competition in the food and beverage space and too much at stake to gamble on buyer relationships.

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How to Make Money in Logistics and Shipping as a Freight Broker

Being a freight broker can be a lucrative career, but it requires sidestepping these 10 common mistakes.

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How Startups Can Get in and Stay Competitive in Scaling Industries

Opportunities for small businesses to disrupt or even dominate markets don't come along every day. When technological and legal landscapes shift, however, enterprise companies tend to be slow to react.

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How Logistics Technology Can Help Ecommerce Companies Clean up Their 'CRaP'

No, 'CRaP' isn't something coarse; it's a term coined by Amazon and stands for 'can't realize a profit.'

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