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Another Taylor Swift-Related Job Opportunity Just Opened Up — Here's How to Qualify

As the superstar embarks on the next leg of The Eras Tour, a UK-based museum is hiring a Taylor Swift advisor.


Learn Guitar for $17 Through February 4

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Taylor Swift Just Filed a Trademark That Could Mean Even More Sales: 'I'm So Into This'

The singer-songwriter's Nashville-based LLC TAS Rights Management filed to trademark the term "TAYLOR-CON" with the U.S. Patent Office this week.


Indian Startup Founders Who are Fanning Their Musical Fires

While music is a stimulating, creative and liberating passion, it does have qualities which can further help entrepreneurs become a better version and take their ventures a step ahead. What better than playing gigs with a band?

Thought Leaders

Taylor Swift Strategies Every Tech Leader Should Apply in 2024

From more progressive intellectual property management to breakthrough community engagement, here's what tech entrepreneurs can learn from Taylor Swift.


Amazing Last-Minute Gift: Guitar Lessons for Life, Just $16

You'll get 12 courses and nearly 80 hours of content on how to play guitar.

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This Taylor Swift Product Just Hit a Record 1 Million Sales in 7 Months — and Its Target Audience Might Surprise You

"Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography" has blown past other titles in Random House Children's Books' "Little Golden Book" series.

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Don't "Shake Off" These 5 Business, Brand and Legal Lessons From Taylor Swift

Whether you're a fan of her music or not, Taylor Swift's success is undeniable. Here are five business lessons learned from Taylor Swift.

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Selling Song Catalogs Is a Billion-Dollar Business Now. But One Pending Sale — Called the 'Ultimate Partnership Betrayal' — Is Tearing an Iconic 1970s Pop Duo Apart.

Daryl Hall and John Oates, the pair behind hits "Rich Girl" and "Maneater," were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

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These Open-Ear Headphones are on Sale for Cyber Monday for Just $22.97

Stay motivated and focused with audio in your ears.


Score a Lifetime Subscription to This Piano Lesson App for Only $149.99 This Holiday Season

Always wanted to learn how to play piano? Now's your chance.

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5 Priceless Lessons the Rolling Stones Teach Us About Business Success

The band is a testament to how to build a brand — and a business — that stands the test of time.


The Surprising Link Between Music and Focus Could Make You More Productive Than Ever — If You Take Advantage of It

Music won't make you smarter, but it can help you to be more productive.

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Score High-Tech Open-Ear Headphones for Just $24.97 This Holiday Season

With these headphones, you can stay focused listening to music while keeping your ears open for conversations and more.