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Britain Says It Developed and Test-Fired a Futuristic Laser Cannon That Can Shoot Drones Out of the Sky

The Ministry of Defense didn't disclose the range but said its accuracy is the equivalent of being able to hit a coin at a distance of a kilometer (0.6 miles).

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Hacker Who Leaked GTA 6 Sentenced to Life in Psychiatric Hospital

Arion Kurtaj, an 18-year-old member of the cybercrime group Lapsus$, was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order for leaking clips.

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UK Trade Minister In India To Start Sixth Round Of FTA Negotiations

According to official UK government data, India-UK bilateral trade currently stands at around 29.6 billion pounds a year

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India Will Wait For Change In Leadership Before Formulating Strategy, Says Piyush Goyal On UK PM Resignation

The Union minister said that he believes whoever comes into the government in the United Kingdom will be wanting to engage with India

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People in the U.K. Are Lining Up at Dawn for a Fast Food Chain's Chicken

Since launching in England last year, chicken chain Popeyes is seeing record sales.

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The 4-Day Workweek Could Soon Become a Reality

In the UK, 70 companies are paying their employees to take a day off each week. It's going suprisingly well.

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Postponed Plans to Study Abroad? 88% Fall In Indian Students Enroling Abroad

In 2019, a total of 588,931 students went to foreign universities compared with 71,769 in 2021, and plans remain marred due to the looming threat of recurring COVID-19 waves

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Tesla Model 3 Loses EV Incentive in the U.K.

Tesla's Model 3 has been excluded from the U.K.'s electric vehicle incentive.

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A 90-Year-Old British Grandma Is the First Person In the West to Receive a Covid-19 Vaccine Outside Clinical Trials

Last week, the UK became the first Western nation to approve the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

For Europe to Lead in Blockchain, it Needs to Focus on Education

The minister for commerce of Gibraltar writes about what his jurisdiction is doing to prepare for the future.

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Facebook and Google Will be Punished With Giant Fines in the U.K. If They Fail to Rid Their Platforms of Toxic Content

The British government wants tech firms to eradicate illegal hate speech, more subtle forms of abuse like child grooming, and problematic content around suicide and self-harm.


APAC Led Global Fintech Investments Last Year

While investments from China take the lead in growth, UK gains despite Brexit doubts

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Ola Rides Its Way Into the New Zealand Ride-Sharing Market

The Indian Cab-hailing giant is going to face competition with the likes of global giant Uber and New Zealand-based Zoomy

Growth Strategies

Ola Rides to UK, But Can it Take the Front Seat?

Ola has obtained licenses to operate in South Wales and Greater Manchester


4 Ways that Helped India's Oyo Rooms to Scale Beyond Southeast Asia

After its successful expansion in China and Indonesia, the Softbank-backed company is now going all out in the United Kingdom