'Arrogant' millionaire pilot landed on a banned air base because he "wanted to see the beach"

Richard Wood, 60, was originally going to visit his mother in Yorkshire, UK… but got off track a bit.

UK Authorizes Emergency Use of Oxford-AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine

It is the first country to approve this alternative, cheaper and easier to handle. The British Department of Health confirmed the purchase of 100 million doses and will begin to apply it on January 4.

Alto Nivel

Brexit: This Is What's in the Final Agreement Between the United Kingdom and the European Union

At the end of the term, the European bloc and the UK finally reached a final pact to conclude their separation from January 2021.

After the Arrival of a New Strain of Covid-19, Japan Prohibits Entry to Foreigners

The country will prevent the entry of foreigners due to a new variant of coronavirus, this restriction will take effect from December 28 until January.

Mexico Will Not Suspend Flights from the UK for Now. These Countries in Latin America and Europe Will.

This week 40 flights of British origin are expected to arrive in the country. Mexican authorities are attentive to the positions of the World Health Organization (WHO) to make decisions in this regard.

New Strain of Coronavirus in England: All We Know So Far

The recently discovered variant of SARS-CoV-2 is 70% more contagious than its predecessors and has forced harsher lockdown in London and the south of the UK.

European countries suspend flights with the United Kingdom due to new strain of coronavirus, more contagious and "out of control"

The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria have suspended air connections with Great Britain, while Germany, Spain and France are analyzing joining the measure.

A 90-Year-Old British Grandma Is the First Person In the West to Receive a Covid-19 Vaccine Outside Clinical Trials

Last week, the UK became the first Western nation to approve the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

Sarah West

Facebook and Google Will be Punished With Giant Fines in the U.K. If They Fail to Rid Their Platforms of Toxic Content

The British government wants tech firms to eradicate illegal hate speech, more subtle forms of abuse like child grooming, and problematic content around suicide and self-harm.

Jake Kanter

Facebook Building a Feature to Let You Clear Your History

Meanwhile, the British Parliament has threatened to issue a summons to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify across the pond if he doesn't voluntarily agree to do so.

Brits Pull Ads From YouTube Over Extremism Concerns

Google said it could do better to ensure that its advertisers' content doesn't appear alongside videos with extremist and other objectionable content.

Tom Brant

The Best Countries to Start a Business Are . . .

Ever thought of Singapore or Denmark? Yes, Denmark is actually a very good idea.

Thomas Smale