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Why the United Kingdom is Poised to Dominate Europe's Tech Scene

For global entrepreneurs, pioneers and investors, the UK unfurls not just as a reasonable business landscape but as a chance to embed in a legacy being sculpted in real-time.

News and Trends

U.K. Treasury Calls Off Government-backed NFT Plan Announced In April 2022

Proposed by the current U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who was the then chancellor, the NFTs were to be developed and released by the Royal Mint, the official maker of British coins. As per BBC, MP Harriett Baldwin cited the volatility and uncertainty clouding the crypto industry as a reason to delay or terminate the plan.


Is the UK the World's Top Destination for Franchise Brands?

With an unregulated franchising economy, world-leading vaccination rates, Brexit and government-backed unsecured loans for franchise buyers, the UK is attracting franchisors from around the globe.

Business News

Prince Philip, a Royal Stalwart and the Queen's Husband of 72 Years, Is Dead at 99

The Queen's husband was the longest-serving British consort in history.

Growth Strategies

Methodology To The Madness: Expanding A Business Amid A Global Pandemic

"When it comes to business, timing is important, but it is not everything- we have always jumped forward during times when most step backwards, but however spontaneous it may seem, there is methodology to the madness."

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U.K. Police Need to Put the Brakes on Facial Recognition

Police in the U.K., backed by the government, are testing a facial-recognition system that is 20 percent accurate and treating those who avoid its gaze as potential suspects.

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British Airways Fined $229 Million for 2018 Data Breach

The fine is the largest ICO has levied against a company, far outweighing the £500,000 Facebook had to pay for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Most of the Best Countries for Working Parents Are in Europe

There is still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to protecting new parents and same-sex couples who want to adopt children.

Business News

The U.K. Is Trying to Regulate the Internet: Here's What It Means

The Online Harms White Paper could be a litmus test for tech regulation in the U.S., as the U.K. government attempts to balance oversight with modern web freedoms.

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U.K. Is Home to One Third of Europe's Tech Unicorns

The findings are a tonic for the U.K., which has otherwise been mired in difficulties surrounding the Brexit conundrum.

Starting a Business

Why Having a U.K. Base Can Be a Competitive Advantage, Despite Brexit

Here's why entrepreneurs should consider launching a company or basing an office in the U.K.


What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Gareth Southgate

Those starting a business should commit to kindness and be a bit more like current Men's England football manager Gareth Southgate.

Starting a Business

3 Factors to Consider When Deciding to Launch a Business in the U.K. or Eastern Europe

Why are so many businesses opting to scale their startups in the U.K. rather than their Eastern European counterparts?

Thought Leaders

What This Brit Has Learned From 10 Years of Doing Business in the States

Here's what I've learned since my first foray across the pond.

Resumes & Interviewing

A Post-Brexit Future for Entrepreneurs: How to Navigate an Uncertain Climate

How entrepreneurs can forge a future in the U.K. after Brexit.