Farrah Smith

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer

Farrah Smith spent more than a decade working as a senior director of a world-renowned charity. She owns Farrah Smith Coaching, where she teaches a course that helps teens and young entrepreneurs reach their full potential emphasizing mindful living, neuroscience and healthy high-performance habits.


Health & Wellness

How Your Mind Can Better Manage Stress

Re-train your brain to be an asset rather than obstacle.


Cómo su mente puede manejar mejor el estrés

Vuelva a entrenar su cerebro para que sea un activo en lugar de un obstáculo.


5 Steps for Achieving Your Goals Through Healthy Habits

How your daily routine is critical to your long-term success.


5 pasos para alcanzar tus metas mediante hábitos saludables

Tu rutina diaria es fundamental para su éxito a largo plazo, aquí te decimos por qué.

Thought Leaders

The Top 5 Habits of Peak Performing Entrepreneurs

Follow these tips for enhancing your performance.

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