Taco Bell Shocks Diehards With a Surprise Menu Item for One Week Only

The five-piece order will be available beginning January 6.

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By Emily Rella

Fast-food chain Taco Bell is known for its cult-favorite menu items and the chaos that often ensues when the menu adds or removes an on-again-off-again item like the fabled quesalupa.

Most recently, the chain entered the chicken sandwich wars. They put their spin on the sandwich genre that has had a chokehold on the industry over the past few years by introducing the crispy chicken taco, a departure from the brand's somewhat classic Mexican fare.

But as customers' wants and needs begin to shift, and the trend of fried and crispy chicken continues to reign supreme, Taco Bell is testing out another new menu item that might have consumers scratching their heads but nevertheless, running to purchase.

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For one week only, beginning January 6, Taco Bell will be rolling out bone-in chicken wings.

The wings, which come five to an order alongside with a side of spicy ranch, are "coated in flavorful Mexican queso seasoning" and will only be available after 2 p.m. for $5.99 a pop.

"Taco Bell is no stranger to taking a familiar favorite and putting a unique spin on it (Nacho Fries, anyone?!) and Wings are the latest creation from the test kitchen masterminds," the company expressed in a statement.

Alongside debuting new menu items, Taco Bell has also been doling out freebies to fans all year.

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The chain most recently ran its "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" promotion amid the World Series where all customers were entitled to one free taco after Ozzie Albies of the Atlanta Braves stole a base during Game 1 of the World Series.

Taco Bell also piloted a new subscription service in limited locations that gives members one free taco a day.

Taco Bell is a part of Yum! Brands, which also operates KFC, Pizza Hut and WingStreet.

Yum! was up over 26.84% year over year as of Wednesday morning.

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