Business Idea Center - Health Care/Medical

Health and Fitness Center

focus on results through affordable and flexible personal training, nutrition planning, competition prep coaching, weight loss, and general fitness guidance.

Senior Home Care Agency

Help the elderly continue to live at home by providing care services.

Aerobics Center

Help others get in shape while working for yourself--a one-two punch.

Medical Equipment Sales

In the wake of ever-advancing medical technology, it pays to sell medical equipment.

Natural Childbirth Classes

Help parents-to-be overcome their anxieties by preparing them for natural childbirth.

Vitamin Sales

The current focus on health and anti-aging products makes it the perfect time to capitalize on this market.

Weight Loss Clinic

Give clients the skinny on the most effective weight-loss techniques.


If you're a dietitian, going out on your own offers endless possibilities and potentially increased income.

Home-Care Service

With more people wanting to grow old in their homes, this could be the perfect opportunity for a caring person.

Medical Braces

Offer the hundreds of types of medical braces to people with injuries.

Mobile Hearing Testing

People will be more likely to get their hearing tested if the service comes to them.

Medical Seat Cushions

Most people take sitting for granted. Make it more comfortable for patients to sit with medical seat cushions.

Online Store for the Disabled

The disabled will be grateful that they don't have to leave their homes to make purchases.

Health Seminars

Provide health-conscious individuals with a group of experts gathered in one place.

Natural Home Remedies

Alternatives to medication can bring you healthy profits.