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Red Lobster Is Reportedly Considering Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The seafood chain has gone through a slew of different private owners since it was established in 1968.

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Geopolitical conflicts impact on global economy

The world of geopolitics is a complex and intricate web where every action can trigger a ripple effect that reverberates globally. This past weekend, we saw this principle in action...


'Fueled by a Hunger For New Challenges' — The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs You Want as Franchisees

Franchising is well known as a pathway to entrepreneurial success, offering individuals the opportunity to build their own business under the umbrella of an established brand.

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LightFury Games Raises USD 8.5 Mn Funding from Blume Ventures, Mixi, and Gemba Capital

Utilising the money, the startup intends to hire people in India and the UK to build AAA games, which are usually high-profile, high-budget projects.

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Equip a Team of Six with Microsoft 365 for 15 Months for $89.59

The latest versions of Excel, Word, and more.

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3 Chip Stocks to Hold Amidst Market Risks

The semiconductor industry’s long-term growth is fueled by robust demand, particularly across the consumer electronics sector, favorable government policies, and technological advances. Amid market risks, it could be ideal to...

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How Women Are Taking Lead In Technology

Women in Tech encompass a wide range of roles, from software engineers and data scientists to UX designers and tech entrepreneurs.

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Embracing risk for personal and societal growth

In the grand scheme of life, it is often observed that nothing worthwhile comes without taking risks. This sentiment echoes the profound words of Nelson Mandela, who once said, “There...

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DICV Announces Foray Into EVs With The eCanter Light Duty Truck

The launch of the all-electric eCanter in India, within the next 6 to 12 months, is the first step in DICV's long-term strategy to decarbonize its entire product portfolio.

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Schlumberger (SLB) Earnings Loom - Is It Time to Invest?

Schlumberger (SLB), the world’s biggest oilfield services company, will publish its first-quarter earnings on April 19. The company is expected to report revenue and earnings growth over the prior-year quarter....

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Blue Tea Achieves INR 5 Crore In Monthly Revenue Following Feature On Shark Tank India

The brand focuses on Ayurvedic principles, offering natural flower-based herbal teas and caffeine-free options

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Parsons Nutritionals Secures INR 700 Cr from Lighthouse

The Delhi-based company aims to deploy the fresh funds towards expanding the firm's manufacturing capacities across both existing and emerging product categories.

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Navata Supply Chain Solutions Raises Pre-Series A Funding from Equanimity Ventures

With the raised funding, the Hyderabad-based platform will fuel Navata SCS's mission to revolutionise India's supply chain industry.

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Wow! Momo Foods Raises INR 70 Cr Funding as an Extension to its Latest Round from Z3Partners

The Delhi-based food brand plans to improve its distribution network, research and development initiatives for the FMCG segment, and quick-service restaurant brand growth and expansion by utilising the new earnings.


CASHe: The Instant Credit Fintech

The post-pandemic growth of CASHE, a platform for personal loans and credit lines, is obvious in its scale, which surpassed Rs 560 crore in the most recent fiscal year. In India, millennials and Gen Z are the target market for the personal loan and digital lending platform CASHE.