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Indian Gaming Industry to Flourish to $8.92 Billion From $3.1 Billion: Report

The Indian gaming sector is expected to grow to $8.92 billion in the next five years

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How to Break Through the Marketing Noise And Fight Rising Customer Acquisition Costs

No, you’re not imagining it: You’re seeing more and more ads everywhere you look, and they’re making it hard to keep customer acquisition costs in check. In fact, some professionals...

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Is it Time to Buy Small Cap Stocks?

The S&P 500 (SPY) making new record highs is the big headline these days. Unfortunately the small print tells you that the rest of the market is not coming along...

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L&T Semiconductor Technologies to Acquire 100% Stake in SiliConch For Up to INR 183 Crore

L&T's subsidiary, L&T Semiconductor Technologies will buy 100 per cent stake in SiliConch for up to INR 183 crore, with structured payments

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Gujarat Govt Partners with Intel for AI Readiness

The vision behind this collaboration is to make the state a hub of innovation and investment in the digital economy

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Virtual Galaxy Infotech, Felicity Games, and Qarmatek Raise Early-Stage Funding

The Indian startups listed below have disclosed investment rounds.


Actor Varun Sood: My business venture will keep my passion for acting alive

As the actor and popular television reality show star Varun Sood starts his own line of merchandise, Varun x Merch, the youngster opens up about why his venture as an entrepreneur will empower him all the more and fuel his passion as an actor.

Science & Technology

AI Marketing Secrets: 3 Game-Changing GPT-4 Use Cases to Make Money with AI

Learn how to harness AI to generate leads and increase sales, even with limited resources and a small social media following.

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Mark Zuckerberg Says an Upcoming Meta Product Left Testers 'Giddy'

Meta is almost ready to show this gadget to the public.

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Serena Williams Once Tried to Deposit a $1 Million Check at an ATM Drive-Thru: 'I Never Played for Money'

The tennis legend recently appeared on an episode of "Hot Ones" with Sean Evans.


Take Advantage of the Booming Value Gym Market with a Pure Fitness Franchise

Pure Fitness gym franchises are rapidly expanding in the low cost and flexible gym membership business that offers a resilient and flexible business model which helps achieve success in any market.

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Discounts and Deals Used to Be Enough to Make Loyal Customers — But Not Anymore. This Is What You Need Now.

Building brand loyalty today requires more than just low prices, discounts, deals and referrals for deeper, lasting relationships with customers.

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Over 10 Billion Passwords Have Been Exposed in the Largest Password Hack in History

The data is thought to have been collected over the past two decades.

Making a Change

How I Turned My Learning Disabilities Into a Superpower

This article outlines my journey from struggling with multiple learning disabilities to recognizing my unique abilities as a strength. It explains how leveraging my personality, interests, and instincts helped me build self-confidence and achieve success as an entrepreneur and leader.