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Manga Enthusiast Finds a New Way To Approach the Art: The NFT Trend Continues With the Introduction Of Manga and Anime Character Shinsekai aims to build a thriving community through the introduction of manga NFT

By John Stanly

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For the last few years, NFTs have been penetrating the world economy and being traded by more people. They have become an asset class expected to take on a more prominent role in future markets. The introduction of the NFT trend won't stop anytime soon, and in the near future, it will just continue to flourish. One trend that is expected to thrive in this market is the resurfacing of legendary arts in the real world. Shinsekai will do precisely that and how very well!

Shinsekai is the final stage of Manga and Anime evolution. The team is dedicated to bringing it into the Metaverse in 2022. Shinsekai will focus on the manga and Anime market and enhance its audience's experience through web 3.0. They will bring together the best Manga and Anime communities to create the most immersive experience.

Shinsekai will revert to being a collective of passionate enthusiasts about the art form. The aim is to enrich people's lives by becoming the leading creative team that is able to generate new ideas and techniques that push the boundaries of what has been seen before.

The final goal is to make Shinsekai a brand that gains recognition and establishes itself. The team is working towards publishing manga, broadcasting manga, introducing a clothing line inspired by Manga and Anime, and participating in activities that would bring manga and anima art closer to its fans. One of the many ways to achieve its core goal is to bridge manga and Anime communities.

The artist behind the whole project is Cedric Kashama. He has worked religiously to create NFTs inspired by the art and story behind manga and Anime. He has been working as an artist for a long and has helped create many new artworks involving fashion, gaming, and Anime.

Shinsekai believes in its vision of creating a community for Manga and Anime enthusiasts. It is a product of Art, Technology, and Community. In order to achieve a Mangaverse, it has started its VR journey through Metaverse. Shinsekai invites all the enthusiasts to participate in some of the world's biggest manga conventions: Comiket Japan, Paris Manga, Anime Expo.

The shared passion by all the founders has inspired the creation of a fitting name for the project.

Shinsekai has team members experienced in art and technology, Manga artists, and anime enthusiasts. Some of the creators have long-term experience working with well-known brands to create products that have enriched people's lives. The founders are idealists who recognize that new art mediums require new ways of creating, publishing, and distributing.

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John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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