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Discover the Power of Franchising with "The Franchise Masters" Docuseries See how a groundbreaking docuseries is transforming franchise education and why video is the future of learning and engagement in business.

By Trevor Rappleye Edited by Carl Stoffers

Key Takeaways

  • The franchising industry is experiencing significant growth, as evidenced by data from the International Franchise Association (IFA).
  • Trevor Rappleye and Madeleine Zook have created a unique educational resource named "The Franchise Masters," a video docuseries.
  • The choice of video as the medium for "The Franchise Masters" is strategic, considering its proven effectiveness in teaching and learning.

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Strictly from a statistical standpoint, it appears as if the franchising industry has never been bigger, stronger, and more productive than it is today. The International Franchise Association's (IFA) own data reveals there are nearly 800,000 franchise establishments in the U.S., which support over eight million jobs, and contribute more than $825 billion in combined economic output. It's also become an increasingly complex marketplace, as the sheer number of brands, vendors, suppliers, consultants, and brokers in the sector continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Amidst this current landscape — if you happen to be a prospective franchisee or an emerging brand looking to franchise your concept — it's hard to know where to begin.

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Seizing on the opportunity to compile expert franchise industry advice, a couple of like-minded entrepreneurial veterans of the industry decided to do something about it. What they came up with is a first-of-its-kind video docuseries, aptly named "The Franchise Masters," filmed by the storytellers of FranchiseFilming.com. This comprehensive, in-depth collection of high-quality videos, featuring the shared expertise of franchising's most influential voices, is the brainchild of Trevor Rappleye and Madeleine Zook. Rappleye is the founder and CEO of FranchiseFilming, a video marketing and production company that only services clients in the franchise industry. And Zook is the podcast host of "The Art of Franchise Marketing" and the current director of marketing for Netsertive, whose platform hosts the 26 different videos in the docuseries. Together, they teamed up and set out to recruit each of the participants, filming educational videos in which they offer the best industry advice you could possibly find in one place.

Building a Better Mousetrap

Working from their own previous experiences in the industry, Rappleye and Zook took note of the barriers to entry facing both potential franchisors and franchisees alike. Previously, those looking to educate themselves on the finer points of franchising were confronted with two disparate options – scouring endless megabytes of low-value webinar content or attending high-priced trade show events. They decided the industry could greatly benefit from engaging, long-form videos in which the most influential franchise executives in the industry could share their experience, knowledge, and expertise – all for the price of signing up for free access to The Franchise Masters docuseries.

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Star power

Both Rappleye and Zook knew that it would take real star power to make The Franchise Masters a reality. So, they went to work on securing it, earning buy-in and participation from some of the industry's most respected authorities on a wide range of topics. What kind of star power are we talking about? Let's just say the current IFA President Matt Haller agreed to film the docuseries' sizzle-reel trailer. The rest of the videos feature heavy-hitting certified franchise executives from all aspects of the franchising industry. Familiar names include Michelle Rowan, the president and COO of Franchise Business Review, Red Boswell, CEO of the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), and Erik Van Horn, CEO of Front Street Equity Partners. In all, 26 different seasoned executives lent their time to film long-form, engaging segments on various topics, bringing their collaborative passion for the industry into full view for the benefit of those who need it the most.

Why choose video?

Long-form, engaging videos are the vehicle these franchise industry titans chose to communicate their expertise to the public. But they aren't just run-of-the-mill YouTube shorts. Each video features high-quality educational content, complete with b-roll, assets, graphics, jump-cuts, and plenty of collateral to help get the main point across to the viewing audience. What makes these instructional videos so powerful and unique is that each entry in the docuseries features multiple chapters, designed to engage the audience while they're being educated. After watching a particular segment, viewers will easily be able to ascertain the takeaways and industry secrets shared by the heavy-hitting hosts providing the instruction. But why choose video as the medium in the first place? Because it's proven to be the most effective tool for both teaching and learning. According to a study by 3M Corporation, our brains can process visual content faster than text. Up to 60,000 times faster. And Forrester Research analysts determined that one minute of video is equal to consuming 1.8 million written words. These statistics dovetail with the metrics of The Franchise Masters, as the average watch time for each of the videos in their docuseries collection boasts a watch-through rate of 93%!

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A Labor of Love

Both Rappleye and Zook are excited to have launched a new resource that will surely have a lasting impact on the next generation of franchise industry participants. The Franchise Masters platform was born of a desire to educate, an all-inclusive resource that anyone access, be they franchisors, franchisees, vendors, suppliers, funders, brokers, or consultants. For the two founders, it's been a labor of love, a way to give back to the industry and community that's helped them both become success stories in their own right. Along the way, they've seemingly proved that the best way to tell a story is to utilize good storytellers. To explore the docuseries and view the video collection, simply enter your email address for free access at https://www.netsertive.com/franchise-masters.

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About the authors

Trevor Rappleye has been an entrepreneur since 2003 - beginning his first company at age 13, converting VHS to DVD and filming family events. He now owns CorporateFilming.com and FranchiseFilming.com and is obsessed with storytelling, leadership, video marketing and filming social proof for brands and franchisors. The company includes A-list clients such as Neighborly, CVS, Home Depot, ADP, and FASTSIGNS. For more information on FranchiseFilming's VIP Subscription Model with no travel fees, no scripts and videos in just 10 days, visit www.corporatefilming.com.

Madeliene Zook is the Director of Marketing for Netsertive and the podcast host of "The Art of Franchise Marketing." A marketing and branding professional, Zook works with franchise and consumer businesses to help build their brand, increase awareness, drive sales, and expand across the globe. She's been featured in print, digital, and broadcast outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune. In addition to her extensive PR and marketing experience, Madeleine is the owner and founder of the nonprofit, Together She Can, which strives to help homeless communities with hygiene care.

Trevor Rappleye

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Trevor Rappleye has been an entrepreneur since 2013 - beginning his first company at age 13 converting VHS to DVD. He now owns CorporateFilming.com & FranchiseFilming.com and is obsessed with storytelling, leadership, video marketing and filming social proof for brands.

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