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5 Ways to Foster a Brighter Workplace Amid Summer's Glow Here's a roundup of fun ways to keep the startup team -- and entrepreneur types -- inspired.

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With summer nearing, it might be becoming harder to focus on that ever-growing to-do list. The best advice we can give is to embrace the beautiful weather.

Running a successful company, no matter how big or small, requires dedicated, motivated employees. We've rounded up some fun ways to keep the team inspired and engaged when the summer sun starts shining and temperatures heat up.

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1. Create summer Fridays. At our company, Hukkster, we do the end of the week a little differently. We encourage employees to spend Fridays working from the comfort of their homes or a favorite beach spot.

With apps like HipChat and Dropbox, members of a team can easily communicate and share files as if they were sitting next to one another.

2. Permit season-appropriate dress. There is always the question of "Is this work appropriate?" during the warm summer months. And while casual Fridays are fun, don't be afraid to change things up some. What about trying a flip-flop Friday?

Members of a company's team will work more efficiently if they're not sweating in a full suit. So keep things casual this summer.

Apps like Poncho can provide morning updates about the day's weather, enabling people to dress for summer success. Did we mention its weather reports sometimes come as GIFs?

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3. Host meetings outdoors. We're not saying that you should hold the next team meeting in the middle of Central Park, but staging small meetings outside or at a local coffee shop is a great way to let employees enjoy the nice weather while still getting down to business. Turn a beautiful day into a team-brainstorming event outside. With vitamin D as a creativity fuel, employees won't even need that third cup of coffee.

4. Mix it up some. Summer is the perfect time to offer employees exciting new opportunities. Weekends aren't the only time to enjoy all this season has to offer.

With sites like Thrillist, find the latest happenings in your city. Grab the team, head out a few minutes early and catch a movie in the park or take everyone to the latest outdoor happy-hour spot. Spontaneous team outings are the perfect morale booster.

5. Do proper planning. Don't forget to set clear goals for the summer. Having a solid list of objectives will force company staff to focus when needed as well allow for the much needed downtime.

Whether a startup institutes summer Fridays, encourages remote work or allows for outdoor gatherings, a young company should let the team get out and stretch to keep morale high.

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Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan

Hukkster Co-Founders

Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell are the co-founders of Hukkster, an online shopping tool that helps you track products on sites you love, get notified when those products go on sale and gives you the ability to buy when the price and time are right.

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