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6 Ways Florists Can Use Social Media For Business Growth Small florists can reach more customers with these six innovative ways to use social media to grow their business.

By Murali Nethi Edited by Micah Zimmerman

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Small florists are disadvantaged over larger companies because they can't afford to advertise on television, radio, and other large advertising networks, so they need to find innovative ways to reach new customers and grow their business. Luckily, the internet has given small florists the ability to use social media to their advantage and communicate with customers through various online marketing channels. By using these six innovative ways small florists can use social media for business growth, you'll be able to reach more customers than ever before, even though you have a limited budget.

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1. Promote events

Create a Facebook event and invite your Facebook friends. Ensure to give the details of your event, including the date, time, and location, so people can be sure to attend. You should also include what will happen at the event on this page. Keep up with the day-to-day updates and responses on social media so that you can follow up in case someone asks a question or comments on something discussed earlier.

2. Appeal to customers on Instagram

One of the best ways to reach millennials is on Instagram. With innovative strategies such as videos, short videos and other related content, florists can start tapping into this sizable customer base and gain a new following.

Instagram is where you take a sneak peek into someone else's life, whether it be their grocery shopping or what they're up to in the US. We find our customers spending time on Instagram with the hashtags #flowers and #florist. Take this opportunity to share your flowers with people near and far!

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3. Take advantage of Geotargeting

Geotargeting is a nifty tool for small business owners to identify how many potential customers are in their area. You may not think you have enough of a customer base to warrant an advertising campaign, but the truth is that there are consumers in your area who don't know you exist. Your geotargeted ads will only appear on those specific searches, and then they see your ad!

4. Leverage Facebook ads

As the largest social media platform, Facebook's audience is practically limitless. If you already have a presence on Facebook and are looking to engage with a more niche group of people, try setting up a paid ad for your business. These ads allow you to target your desired audience based on interests and demographics. It can be daunting to figure out how much to spend. Still, fortunately, the system has automated bidding, which will automatically bid as high as necessary to reach your targeted audience.

5. Create a branded presence on Pinterest

One of the critical ways small florists can use social media for business growth is to create a branded presence on Pinterest. This platform allows you to be creative and explore different marketing strategies, such as image optimization and targeting while giving you access to a massive audience that wants visual content. By crafting imaginative boards and reposting popular images, small florists are given a significant edge over their competitors, who are still waiting for Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook to release their new features.

In addition, it has never been easier to monitor what's trending in your industry on Pinterest, making it easier for you to respond quickly with relevant content. It's just another way online advertising has changed how we do business today.

6. Stand out to high-profile clients with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for professionals because its users focus on career advancement, not only posting pictures or watching videos like Facebook or Instagram users. By using this platform to its fullest potential and adding value to the professional community there, you will be able to attract high-profile clients that would have never found you otherwise. With its assortment of effective tools, it will also assist you in expanding your repertoire of skillsets.

To expand your reach and get in front of high-profile clients, create a LinkedIn company page and fill it with valuable content. Share it on all other social media platforms so your followers can find you.

Fill out your company's timeline with informative articles and links to helpful resources. Remember that although this is an important step in expanding your reach, you should still make time for personal connections, such as liking someone's post or commenting on theirs. People respond better when they feel like they know the person behind the business; if they see some human interaction from you on their feed, they may want to buy from you too!

If you're struggling to gain new customers, try using a floral marketplace like SnapBlooms. This way, you can market your own flowers instead of others. And who knows? You might find yourself selling more and making more profits than ever!

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Murali Nethi

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

CEO & Founder

Murali K. Nethi is the founder and CEO of SnapBlooms, a flower-delivery marketplace. His 24-plus-year background in enterprise architecture and IT allows him to explore business solutions in the retail industry.

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