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This consultant made $100k+ last year without pitching. How Fiverr's new Consultants Category could help you do it too. Unlock revenue and reduce the hassle by having prospects reach out to you.

By Terry Rice Edited by Dan Bova

Meera Infotech

I hired an expert from Fiverr to help me set up an email marketing program. My first question shocked him.

"Instead of just doing it for me, can you show me how?"

Although he was surprised by the request he agreed and we hopped on a Zoom call.

It took about 30 minutes for him to walk me through the process of setting up the marketing campaigns. But, we ended up chatting for another half hour about overall best practices of the program. Valuable insights I never would have gained if I just told him what to do as opposed to asking for his help.

That's when I realized that I should partner with him on a consistent basis as my go to system integration expert. And, that's when he realized that he should start offering consulting services in addition to the hands-on work he was already providing.

Fortunately, Fiverr also realized this opportunity and now offers a consulting category to make it easier for businesses to find their go-to subject matter experts in various fields.

But, if you're a consultant, you might be wondering if it makes sense to be on Fiverr. I'll have to assume you charge more than $5 for your work and you may be concerned about how much people are willing to pay.

Heena Joshi is the founder of a digital marketing agency called Meera Infotech, which is based in Houston, Texas. They specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, Social Media Marketing and related services.

And although she was initially unaware about the potential of Fiverr, her company has completed over 10,000 orders on the platform since 2021.

The Background:

Heena started her Fiverr journey in 2021, pivoting from local digital marketing to a global platform due to Covid-19's impact. "When Covid hit, we found Fiverr, and saw that we can reach clients around the world," Heena explains. This strategic shift was crucial in expanding their reach, allowing them to connect with an international client base.

Although she was initially unsure about Fiverr's potential, Heena was quickly convinced by the opportunities it offered. "It's opened up so many doors for us - a flood for us," she reflects. Her business, co-founded over a decade ago, has now grown to seven figures in revenue.

What does this mean to you? If you're not currently offering services remotely, now is the time to start expanding your potential audience and income.

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The Strategy:

As a consultant, one of your biggest challenges is getting in front of the right clients.

Sure, you can cold call, you can do email marketing, you can dance on TikTok; plenty of options out there. But what if there was a way to get in front of prospects that were already looking for your services?

That's the advantage of listing your services on a marketplace like Fiverr.

Attracting and acquiring clients on Fiverr proved to be more efficient for Heena compared to other methods, "The platform makes it easier to communicate with whoever I'm doing business with," she says.

Offering services ranging from $185 to $795, Heena caters to diverse needs, which has substantially scaled her business. This expansion has also led to job creation, with Heena and her partner hiring a remote team. "We have weekly meetings to get aligned," she mentions, highlighting the importance of team coordination.

Let's pause for a moment to let that sink in. And, I'll have to admit my own bias here. Back in the day I - understandably - thought of Fiverr as a platform where people sold gigs for $5.

Fast forward to today, entrepreneurs are building businesses on the platform to the extent that they also have to hire a remote team to support their growth.

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The Results:

Since her start on Fiverr, Heena's revenue jumped from five to seven figures.

For 2024, she aims to grow her LLC into a global company, with Fiverr playing a crucial role in hiring content writers and selling services. "I'd like to hire Fiverr experts to do much of this writing," Heena states, indicating her future hiring strategy.

She is also excited about Fiverr's new consulting category, seeing it as an opportunity to establish herself as a top-tier digital marketing consultant.

Her advice to peers is straightforward: "Make sure your communication is top-notch, that you are delivering what you're promising." This focus on excellence and clear communication has been key to her success on Fiverr.

What else?

In addition to their new consultants category, Fiverr also released Fiverr Agencies, which will make it easier for agency teams to build their client base and for client prospects to find them.

Either way, if you decide to list your services on an open marketplace, here are a few things to consider.

Be descriptive. Prospects will find you based on the content you provide in your description, be sure to words they would use as opposed to industry jargon.

Be credible. When you're first starting out you won't have ratings on the platform, but you can boost your credibility by sharing testimonials and examples of your work.

Be confident. I know it may be tempting because you're competing with other providers, but that doesn't decrease the value of your knowledge.

And of course, do a good job so you can lock in repeat customers.

Terry Rice

Entrepreneur Staff

Business Development Expert-in-Residence

Terry Rice is the Business Development Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Growth & Partnerships at Good People Digital; an agency that provides marketing and monetization solutions for entrepreneurs. He writes a newsletter about how to build your business and personal resilience and personal brand in just 5 minutes per week and created a revenue optimization checklist to help you multiply your income potential. 

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