Top 10 Social Media Management Tools You Should Try Now Chatbots are a significant new tool for the business use of social media.

By Marsha Hunt

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Social media has dominated the internet for over a decade, and using the right social media management tools makes all the difference. But social media and its relative, the chatbot, are extremely time-consuming, and if not executed correctly, can be detrimental to a brand. Using social media management tools is key to your company's online success, so I've made a list of the top 10 social media management tools to narrow your choice.

Chattypeople is the best platform for pushing promotions and offers to your consumers on demand via Facebook. The platform is compatible with Messenger and comments and allows you to take orders from customers. It is great for businesses, big or small, and does not require any knowledge of coding. The system allows you to create a simple chatbot that can monetize your Facebook pages as it integrates with all major payment systems. Chatbot are also a great way to manage customer relationship automatically using AI. Not only this, Chattypeople supports multiple CMS platforms and business categories, which are:

  • Customer Support
  • eShop with Shopify
  • Food and restaurant
  • Campaign management
  • Delivery engine

Chattypeople is one of few that only charges its customers as they grow, meaning you can get started 100 percent free, with the option to upgrade plans as you achieve the results you want.

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PromoRepublic is a free-to-try Social Media Content Builder and Posting Tool. It provides users with more than 100 000 ideas, templates, and visuals for stunning Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. All the social media templates are made by a team of professional designers and copywriters. Users can easily customize templates with a built-in Graphics Editor.

  • With PromoRepublic you get:
  • * Library with 100 000 post templates & visuals
  • * Calendar of post ideas for every day with holidays, days from history, trending topics and events.
  • * Drag-and-drop Graphics Editor to customize stunning templates and create posts from scratch
  • * Auto-posting & scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn isThe best tool to increase your audience on social media. Using social media is a fun and sure way to get new friends, customers fans and engage in influencer marketing. Getting your social media profiles out there for everyone to see is a hard and tedious task and time is very precious for all of us and promoting yourself on Social Media is a time-consuming everyday activity. Let this social media tool help you automate your daily activity and get you the crowd you deserve and desire.

Guest-posting on blogs will remain one of the best ways to reach new audiences via social media. can help you find blogs that will help you maximize your posting efforts, track the process of your pitches and follow through on opportunities. makes it easy to manage all aspects of your social media from one space. You can create, schedule, and publish content on all your favorite social networks. Agorapulse allows you to:

  • Keep up-to-date with your social media activities
  • Run contests, quizzes, and promotions
  • Measure your success through detailed statistics and reporting


If you use YouTube as part of your social media strategy, you may find the site's analytics limited. Wistia provides insight into the people watching your videos. The solution also helps you create videos that get better results for your channel.


If you are trying to get established an online following, Followerwonk will provide the insights you need about your audience and others audiances. You can also use this app to find influencers who fit your existing niche, helping you grow your network and increase your sales. With built-in reporting tools, you can take this information to investors and business partners to demonstrate your brand reach.

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Brand24 offers smart social media monitoring to businesses of all sizes. Through the platform, you can get real-time instant access to online mentions from customers and influential publishers. Brand24 is also a powerful tool for detecting sales opportunities. With this, you can:
  • Research key topics
  • Find out what is trending
  • Read up on discussions
  • Compare your social mentions to those of your competitors

Cyfe is a great all-in-one business dashboard that will allow you to monitor all your data in one place. Its social media dashboard:
  • Monitors everything
  • Helps you pull data from popular services with pre-built widgets
  • Displays your data securely
  • Archives past data
  • Downloads your data into PDFs, JPEGs, and more
  • Offers real-time reports

Meokay builds chatbots that show your subscribers your latest advertising messages through Messenger. Meokay's features allow you to:
  • Push offers and deals to users on demand
  • Recognize variations on your trigger words
  • Take orders from Messenger and Facebook comments

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Social media has changed a lot over the years, with chatbots now making a significant and potentially long-lasting appearance. By leveraging the platforms above, you will be regarded as proactive among your audiences, giving you the best chance to build a personal relationship with them that will help you in leading them through your sales funnel.

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