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10 PR Trends That Will Explode Your Brand in 2023 Adapting, evolving and pivoting to meet increasing public relations trends and propel client businesses to the forefront has been the focus of public relations professionals across industries since the dramatic shift in 2020.

By Paul Fitzgerald Edited by Micah Zimmerman

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The rise of in-person interviews, the willingness of more media outlets to consider proposals from public relations (PR) firms and the demand for greater in-depth reporting are just a few of the many trends showing how the industry is changing to meet the rising demand for authentic reporting.

Here is an inside look at the impending public relations trends for 2023.

1. Resurgence in the use of in-person meetings and interviews

Media outlets and reporters are planning to do more in-person interviews in 2023. Face-to-face conversations yield more in-depth insights, and this PR shift is particularly applicable for critiques and discussions of sensitive or contentious matters.

Phone calls and Zoom may continue to be used for sources for whom in-person interviews are difficult or impossible. However, brands should expect a rise in demand for in-person consultations and do what they can to make members of their personnel available.

2. PR experts will prioritize quality over quantity and avoid mass pitches

By 2023, PR specialists will abandon traditional outreach strategies such as sending mass emails to publications to increase the chance of a press hit for their clients, as was done before.

Publicists won't just hope for the best for their clients; they will pitch and construct product and audience-specific stories. These intriguing pieces will then be forwarded to media sources within the brand's industry.

For this quality-over-quantity approach to marketing, niches will become increasingly important.

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3. Consumer social conscience will increase in importance

Brands that still need to adequately communicate their commitment to social justice must move quickly in 2023.

It has been reported that B2C and B2B customers agree that businesses should have a solid moral compass. Most consumers are likelier to buy from a firm that demonstrates empathy, while others support that companies must do more to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Fewer consumers trust brands; hence companies must prove to their employees that they are committed to upholding their stated ideals, even if it means sacrificing short-term gain.

4. Measuring the ROI of public relations could get easier

It has been hard to put a price tag on the return on investment (ROI) of B2B public relations activities.
When it comes to PR, companies want to know the hard numbers on how their efforts influence consumers' attitudes and behaviors. The emergence of PR analytics tools has made it simpler to gauge such factors.

Using digital PR as a marketing strategy can help brands see how information fits into the bigger picture of marketing analytics.

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5. Web3 will help enable more one-on-one dialogues between publicists, brands and consumers

Web3 has been dubbed the "future of the internet" by marketers and IT experts. Publicists will take a more profound approach to gathering customer data. This includes interacting with potential and current customers of their client in real-time using social media and community outreach channels.

Publicists will use Web3 marketing as an excuse to experiment with more immersive techniques to attract the media's attention.

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6. Alliances with influential people are proving to be increasingly fruitful

Business-to-business (B2B) influencer marketing needs to catch on more quickly. Word-of-mouth and contacts matter more in business. Finding an influencer who speaks to your target demographic can boost company exposure, website traffic and potential buyers.

Another benefit is increased brand credibility. This is vital for B2B transactions, as most B2B purchasers start online.

7. The value of inclusivity, authenticity and diversity cannot be overstated

Many consumers are dubious of comments on commitments to diversity due to the failure of most efforts to bring meaningful change. Diversity and inclusion claims must be backed up with tangible actions.

Also, brands and PR professionals need to be hyper-vigilant of fake news multiplying at an alarming rate, so they don't inadvertently provoke consumer animosity or mistrust with a wild assertion. Enterprises should take time to reevaluate their brand language.

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8. Twitter and LinkedIn will remain the fastest ways for subject matter experts (SMEs) to contact the media

Twitter is the place to find and contact a media expert instantly. While the site has its share of problems with negativity and toxic users, it is still one of the quickest ways to get the word about your brand to the public.

Professionals in many fields can benefit from using LinkedIn. It's especially effective in business-to-business, where CEOs may showcase their expertise to their colleagues. They can also use LinkedIn to build connections with industry influencers and other professionals in their field.

Opportunities for public relations specialists to network can also be found on Twitter and are thus of great value. Journalists, authors and even bloggers frequently use the platform to solicit story ideas and contact information from the online community.

9. Brands will need to rely on their own owned media to increase online visibility and be part of a larger marketing ecosystem

Public relations plans should include more than just gaining free publicity in the press. Instead, they should put their energies into producing media, such as blogs, emails and social media content. In this way, a business can reach its intended audience without resorting to overpriced promotions.

Furthermore, combining public relations with other forms of B2B marketing will be more important than ever in the year 2023. Forgetting to do so prevents you from taking full advantage of all the opportunities available.

10. Journalists' schedules are shifting

Remote work has upended established norms regarding when and where to deliver pitches. Journalists may have adjusted their work schedules to accommodate the flexibility of working from home.

One should verify any information journalists give regarding when and how to contact them and be flexible if necessary. Journalists may also work part-time while working a full-time gig, so always be cognisant that they may not get back to you immediately as their schedule with other work might get in the way. Again, journalists' schedules are important to be aware of and why your messaging needs to be bang on to get their attention – think of all the emails and calls they get daily.

Follows these PR hacks, be adaptive in 2023 and make your client's brands shine on every level.

Paul Fitzgerald

Founder and CEO, Salt & Pepper Media Inc.

Paul Fitzgerald is the CEO of Salt & Pepper Media. He is also a technology and business journalist in the U.S. and Canada. He is nearing completion of his PhD in communication sciences.

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