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4 Business Strategies That Seem Important But Aren't

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As entrepreneurs, we're always looking for strategies that will help our experience explosive growth. We're looking for an edge that can help us stand out from everyone else. For entrepreneurs today, those strategies are freely available through the access we have to knowledge through the Internet.


If there's something you want to know more about, you simply have to it. Somebody, somewhere has written, podcasted or made a video about what you're trying to learn. However, just because the information is available doesn't mean it will help you and your specific situation.

There are four , but in reality, there are a lot more that won't help your business grow. These strategies have the danger of sidetracking you from what would help your business reach the benchmarks you've set.

1. Making connections with influencers and industry leaders.

In the past, connecting with an influencer was one way to build your business quicker. Influencers tend to have large networks and their endorsement meant instant exposure for your business. Often, we would read about the "Oprah effect" and wanted an experience like that for our business.

The problem is that the Oprah effect—or connecting with an influencer—is the exception, not the rule. Influencers today are even busier because of . Their email boxes are full, they are flooded with social media messages, and they still have a business to run.

Your chance of breaking through all of that, and making a connection, is pretty slim. But, more than that, you don't need to connect with an influencer to build your business fast. Everyone else is chasing influencers—let them chase while you focus on better ways of building.

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2. Certifications that are specific to an industry or niche.

These days, you can get certified in all kinds of things. It's not uncommon to run into a "So and so certified coach." Or a graduate of some class or course you've never heard of. These certifications are displayed as if everyone knows what they mean—they don't.

Those certifications don't translate beyond that specific niche or industry. If you try to leverage them for bigger opportunities--I hate to break it to you--but you will be disappointed. If you want a certification because it will lead to business in your industry—get it. If your goal is to chase bigger opportunities, go after the social proof that translates beyond the niche.

3. Growing a large social media following.

Every day, you can look at your email or social media messages and find at least one person trying to sell you on their services. They tell you that your social media presence isn't big enough and their service can help you double your growth.

Social media is great as one part of a diverse marketing strategy. It shouldn't be the end-all, be-all. Sorry social media marketers. The organic reach is low, and social media followers can be purchased. The more important part of the equation is the engagement of your social media following.

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4. Always staying "busy."

There is much "busy work" in . There is always something to do that seems important. This busy work includes always working on the little things that will distract you. The busy work is great for outsourcing and outsourcing could save you an invaluable amount of time.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is to focus on systems and the bigger picture. You can't get caught up in distractions. You have to build systems that streamline what your business does and helps it run efficiently without your presence. This has to be bigger than just you—no matter what type of business you run.

Time is a valuable resource because you can't recover time. If you spend your time chasing strategies that won't help your business grow, you are losing money. Focus on what will help you where you are—not what others tell you is a good strategy for you. Focus on creating a business that brings you income, flexibility, and freedom to live your life the way you truly want to.

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