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4 Companies Profiting From Trump's Unpopularity You can send tiny gloves to the president.

By Nadya Khoja Edited by Dan Bova

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Donald Trump

In light of the recent political climate, many individuals and solopreneurs are working hard towards making a strong statement about their views on the current president. With Trump's growing unpopularity, entrepreneurs are taking it upon themselves to resist in their own ways, and many are doing so in a way they know best -- online businesses.

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The following four companies in particular are playing to a predominantly liberal audience and, as a result, are striking gold.

1. Lingua Franca.

Lingua Franca is a New York City-based fashion retailer that sells cashmere sweaters with embroidered script. Their sweaters typically sell to retailers like Saks and Net-a-Porter. Their clothing has been seen being worn by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Christy Turlington. Although the founder was making a decent living from her business, the income was nowhere near formidable. But with the recent election of Donald Trump, the business has seen a massive increase in sales.

The founder, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, has more than 30 immigrants employees, and after the president's recent call to ban immigration from several muslim countries, MacPherson decided to launch a series of sweaters with political phrases.

2. Tiny Trump Gloves.

A new company beginning to grow is Tiny Trump Gloves. Unlike the more common political retailers, Tiny Trump Gloves actually sells tiny blue gloves which they then ship off to the Trump Tower penthouse in New York City, addressed to Trump himself.

Each glove that is purchased is accompanied by a postcard addressed to the "President with the tiniest hands." You can choose to purchase the gloves and send them anonymously to the president, or let him know directly who is sending the pair.

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But these entrepreneurs are not all about making a profit. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from each pair sent to the president are being donated to refugees from the seven countries on Trump's travel ban list.

The goal is to send the message that immigration is integral to innovation. So if you're looking to troll the Trump while also donating to a good cause, be sure to check out this new business.

3. Politiclothes.

Politiclothes is an online retailer that sells a wide range of political clothing. Recently they added an anti-Trump line. They sell everything from t-shirts, hats and stickers, to pet apparel and Christmas ornaments.

But don't fret! If you are someone who is a proud Trump supporter, they have a line of clothing just for the right-winged Americans as well. Although not as popular, there is something for everyone.

4. Not This White Woman.

Another retailer that is choosing to make a political stance using t-shirts is Not This White Woman. After the elections, many were surprised to learn that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump.

But what about the other white women who voted for Hillary? Michelle Hirschberg and Karen Land Short, were both devastated following the election result and were deeply disappointed that the majority of white women voted against having a female president.

In an attempt to get the message across that some women did in fact prefer Hillary as a candidate, they launched a line of clothing that allows white women to boldly state that they were not among that 53 percent.

Much like Tiny Trump Gloves, 100 percent of proceeds from shirts sold will go towards Planned Parenthood, an organization which has been defunded by the Trump administration, resulting in health concerns for many underprivileged women.

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With the continuous drop in approval in such a short time, it's not surprising that many entrepreneurs, particularly immigrant entrepreneurs, are acting out in their own way to protest their distaste for the current presidential administration. No doubt more of these organizations will rise up in the near future. Turns out Trump is creating more jobs for Americans afterall.

Nadya Khoja

Director of Marketing for Venngage infographics

Nadya is the Director of Marketing for Venngage infographics. When she is not writing about SEO, Content Marketing, Productivity and Business, she cooks dinner for strangers in apartment restaurant, Chez Lisgar.

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