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3 Must-Have Memberships for the Small-Business Traveler

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I just about every single week of the year for , between my CNBC appearances on Closing Bell from the , to client meetings and speaking gigs. Even if you travel a fraction of the time that I do, you have undoubtedly experienced everything from congestion to cancellation to chaos.

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But being a small-business owner and traveler means more than just keeping calm in the face of travel insanity. You need to find ways to make your productive, fun, affordable and even healthy.

While there are countless apps, gadgets and products directed at the small-business traveler, there are three "cards" that fit in your wallet (whether your physical and virtual wallet), that you should not be without. And with pricing that works out to less than $100 a month each, they won't break your bank, either.

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1. Regus Businessworld Membership

You may be a pro at working on the plane or in your car, but once you arrive at your destination, you want to ensure that your productivity continues. Working in hotel lobbies and shops can be challenging, unprofessional and distracting. If you need to hold a meeting or just drop in to get some work done, the Regus Businessworld Card is a great alternative. Their programs give small-business owners access to any of the company's 3,000 business lounges worldwide.

With semi-private seating, Wi-Fi and complimentary tea or coffee, you can stay in a place conducive to getting work done with your required caffeine jolt. As a bonus, you don't leave smelling like you spent the day in a coffee shop. Meeting room space and private offices can also be booked by the hour if you need to meet with colleagues or require additional privacy.

Cost: Regus Businessworld Gold Memberships is $59 per month


Every small-business owner wants to travel like a VIP and get great deals. However, depending on how often you travel, it can be challenging to maintain status with an airline or hotel. Even if you do, sometimes, their perks don't meet your needs. Enter FoundersCard, a membership program that offers upgrades and discounts with a bevy of partners across the travel industry.

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The benefits of FoundersCard extend beyond travel, as business owners can receive discounts on their phone bills, shipping and even clothing. Possibly the best benefit for an entrepreneur when it comes to having the FoundersCard is exclusive access to networking events around the country. You never know who you might meet -- members include notable entrepreneurs like Michael Dubin of and James Park of Fitbit. This means even more business value -- and possible new connections -- every time you travel.

Cost: FoundersCard is $795 per year, or about $66.25 a month


When you are an entrepreneur, it's hard enough to get to the gym when you aren't traveling, let alone when you are on the road. But personal care and wellness is a critical part of business success. If you aren't at your best, you can't provide your best to your customers and clients.

ClassPass helps to make sure that you are able to make fitness a part of your road warrior routine. It grants you access to a number of fitness studios in most major cities around the country. This means that you can book a class before or after your meetings, sweating away your stress in a spin class, boot camp or relaxing with some yoga.

This can be a great alternative to hotel gyms and a great way to stay mentally and physically fit on the road.

Cost: ClassPass is $79.99 per month (cost varies by city)

Adding one or all of these memberships will help you to travel in the most professional and productive way, and give you some extra benefits that will likely surprise you.

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