4 Simple Strategies to Turn Your Passion Into a Paycheck You're only a few steps, and a lot of work, from earning a living doing what you love.

By Shannon Kaiser

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Several years ago I left my corporate job in advertising to follow my heart and be a writer. I had no idea how to make a living doing what I loved or how to turn my passion into a paycheck. The shift in my business was when I stopped focusing on what was going wrong and turned my attention to what was going well. Instead of focusing on how stuck or off track I felt, I rolled up my sleeves and started applying more action steps. The more steps I took, the easier my life became and the faster my business grew. If you feel stuck or off track, instead of comparing yourself to other business owners or feeling sorry for yourself, take daily action.

Flash forward to today: I am living my ideal life, running a very successful business as a international business coach, speaker and best-selling author. The key to my success is the daily action.

The questions I get asked most start with the word "how":

  • How did you leave your job in corporate to become a writer?
  • How do you publish a book?
  • How do you become a profitable speaker?
  • How do you run your business from anywhere in the world?

What I often say is, you are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking how, we should be asking what. Instead of asking myself how to get where I want to go, I say, "What can I do today to get where I want to go?"

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The biggest misconception I see with entrepreneurs is that they think there is a clear, set plan, one way to achieve their business goals. The truth, the only right way is to be consistent and keep following your passion. The more you show up for yourself and your dreams, the faster your business will grow. But in my own personal experience and in working with hundreds of entrepreneurs through my coaching practice, I've discovered a clear-cut plan to help you reach new levels of achievement. In my book "Adventures for Your Soul," I talk about clear strategies you can apply to make your passion a profitable reality.

Here are four crystal clear, easy steps from my book that you can take to make more money doing what you love:

1. Nourish the nudge

It's important to take action by exploring the nudges of inspiration that come to you. For example, you may have the idea to start a sales funnel, go to a new network event, or invest in more education. If these ideas keep coming back to you, it's because they are part of your bigger plan. Making a profit from your passion is a lot like discovering breadcrumbs in the forest. You have to follow each crumb, inkling, inspirational drop that is revealed to you. As you take more steps and nourish the nudge, you will become more clear. This works because you allow yourself to be part of the process instead of focusing so much on the outcome.

2. Play "Truth or Dare" with your inner child.

A clever way to get more clear about how to make a living from your passion is to turn the process into a game. Much like the game Truth or Dare, you ask yourself truth statements, such as "What did I want to be when I was a child?" "When do I feel most like my best self?" "What brings me the most joy?" and you dare yourself to take action on these insights. Maybe you wanted to be singer when you were little. As an adult you can take action by signing up for a singing class, or singing to your children more. The result isn't necessarily becoming a professional singer but perhaps using your voice to inspire others. Maybe the real passion for you is to be on stage, perhaps you are being guided to become a paid public speaker.

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This works because you get in touch with your heart's true desires, which will lead you to your true purpose.

3. Lean into love.

Most of us stay stuck because we focus on how we aren't making as much money as we want. This is a lack mentality and puts a strain on the possibilities. Instead of focusing on how stuck or off track you feel, turn your attention to love. Focus on the love in your life and what is going well. Focus on the clients or sales you do have. When we can be grateful for what we have, we will be able to create a more positive foundation for our future.

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4. Write a letter to your future self.

Your future self is the one who has it figured out; they are no longer struggling or off track. Visiting your future self by writing a letter to yourself can help you get out of your own way. What message does your future self have for you? The answer you get will reveal keys to your true purpose.

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Shannon Kaiser

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Shannon Kaiser is the best-selling author of Find Your Happy, Find Your Happy Daily Mantras and Adventures for Your SoulShe appears regularly as an happiness expert on AM Northwest and Huff Post Live, and was named among the “Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness” by the Mind Body Green. She's an author, international life coach, teacher, travel writer and inspirational speaker who left her job in advertising several years ago to follow her heart and become a writer. 

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