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4 Ways to Protect your Health After the Pandemic

How we can stay healthy, both physically and mentally, in a post-pandemic world.

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For the last few months, we've seen rising vaccinations across the world and held our breath in hope of the possibility of returning to normalcy. Fortunately, with immunity building in dozens of countries, this possibility is looking more achievable every day. However, even now, the impacts of COVID-19 still linger heavily on many of us in our day-to-day lives. Therefore it is important to ensure that we continue to protect our – both physical and mental. To do this there are a few steps each of us can take to make 2021 the best year yet.

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1. Don't forget the importance of mental health

The pandemic has had devastating impacts on mental health with global levels of anxiety and depression reaching unprecedented heights. As a result, it is important to be conscious of the well-being of our minds, not just our bodies. The world economic forum proposes a few steps each of us can take to promote good "mental hygiene." The first being focuses every day on what you can do and take action – no matter how small. Whether it's helping a friend or getting outside to appreciate nature, small actions go a long way. As society opens up again, volunteering is a great way to get involved and take action. This leads to the next step which is "empowering others." Encouraging friends, family, and even strangers to take action only furthers your positive impact on the world. All of us can take individual steps to be supportive and responsive to our communities, families, neighborhoods, work, and societies. A recent study in the United States revealed that the most effective public health messages in slowing the spread of COVID-19 are those that center around responsibility to the greater community, not just our personal desires.

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2. Change your approach to healthcare

The healthcare industry is one that saw very little change in the last few decades with a host of outdated elements and an overall lack of technological use. Fortunately, the pandemic has spurred a period of renaissance in the space and patients are now demanding more efficient, accessible, care. Hamed Shahbazi, CEO of provider WELL Health, explains how patient experiences are improving with digitization. "While the need for innovative healthcare solutions is continuing to grow, we've found that patients are paying with their time. Now is a better opportunity than ever to put patients in control of their experience with tailored digital services."

3. Discover opportunities for personal growth

While the past year has no doubt been difficult, there has never been a better time to focus on personal progress. With uninterrupted alone time, take this opportunity to delve into achievable milestones you may have been putting off. So, until you can visit a bar, try a new restaurant, take a vacation, see a play, or even just hug a friend, you can also stay busy with productive personal projects. For example one of the proven strategies to stay productive in quarantine is routine. Developing a morning routine can not only help you have a more productive workday but also help structure your other tasks so you have more personal time. The key to routine is picking a system you had in place and trying to stick to it. Many of the most successful people attribute their success to a strict morning routine. However, if tight schedules are not for you, try setting a few goals each day to follow through on.

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4. Help protect your friends and family

It almost goes without saying but the final and most important step is ensuring that you're protecting the ones you love most. While vaccinations are increasing, it is still extremely important to look out for friends and family by continuing to practice COVID-19-safe measures. You can take this opportunity to go digital, or even meet up with friends outside your personal bubble in a park or beach. Until vaccinations are complete it is still imperative that we keep safety in mind in order for things to return to normal more quickly.

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