5 Ways Personal Growth Makes Your Business Stronger

Unless a person commits to continual growth, success is likely to become complacency.

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By Kimanzi Constable


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Being an entrepreneur is more than the business you start. People buy from the person or the idea behind the business. They make that buying decision when they know the entrepreneur, like him and/or his business, and have some trust. You have to continue growing as an individual to be an entrepreneur trusted by your customers and leads.

It's sad when an entrepreneur feels they've "arrived" and don't continue growing in their life and business. I learned this lesson the hard way in my first business, which is why it had major issues, so in my second business I've continued to do what it takes to be the best version of myself. The result has been explosive growth every year.

There are five simple but important ways that you can grow and become a stronger entrepreneur. These things will lead to growth in your life and business if you're committed to doing the hard work it takes to achieve success. No matter how much money you've made, there's always an opportunity to grow.

1. Nurture healthy habits.

Habits are the key to lasting change in life. This can't be something on a to-do list, it has to be a way you live your life. Creating healthy habits is a lifestyle shift that drives constant change. Create habits that help you reach your life and business goals. This may mean getting rid of things in your life that ultimately aren't good for you and your business. Exercise, good food choices and reading are a few habits that help you grow.

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2. Continue to be a student.

To reach "expert" status, you have to continue to study. There is always something new to learn that can make you better at what you do. Commit to reading good books every week. There are books that hold entire college courses in their pages.

Taking courses, hiring a coach or using the Internet to study will make you knowledgeable about strategies that can help you and your business. There are many experts who only experts in their mind. A true expert stays a student of life who is never above learning.

3. Mastermind with entrepreneurs who are ahead of you.

Talk to any successful entrepreneur and they'll probably tell you a huge part of their success came from having a mentor. A mentor is someone who has done what you want to do. They've seen the hurdles you don't yet understand. They have life experience that can benefit you greatly.

Masterminding with these entrepreneurs, or anyone who is just ahead of you, is one way to grow. We live in a time where you can join a mastermind virtually and meet regularly. You can soak up, and contribute to, all that knowledge and wisdom while getting specific advice. This is one way to grow as a person that will help your business.

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4. Never get complacent, even with success.

Complacency quickly kills growth. When you feel like you're successful, or you've become happy with the status quo, you are at risk. Be grateful for all that you have in life and business, but don't confuse gratefulness and complacency. Even when you achieve a level of success, never let complacency keep you from setting bigger goals.

5. Stayed focused on your greater "why."

You started this business and lifestyle for a reason. That reason is your greater why. Those who only do this for the money don't last very long. When you start a business to solve a problem, your focus on that why helps you grow. When you build your business from a place of service, you grow.

Growing a business is hard work. Living a good life that allows you freedom and makes an impact is even harder. However, you can do both and build a business you love when you continue to put in the work and grow. When you realize there's always another level of success to reach, you'll never lose that hunger that caused you to start your business.

This week, look at these five things and see which one you need to implement in your life. Create healthy habits that will allow you to create the systems in your life and business that lead to success. Don't let your business become another statistic by refusing to let go of your pride.

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