7 Motivational Songs for Badass Entrepreneurs Who Hustle Hard Focus like a beast on your entrepreneurial dreams by turning on, tuning in and listening to these inspiring anthems.

By Kim Lachance Shandrow

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In the sage screamed words of Eminem: "You better lose yourself in the music, the moment. You own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime…"

Sure, we doubt Slim Shady, the real Slim Shady, was talking directly to entrepreneurs when he penned those Oscar-winning lyrics. But it's not too much of a stretch to say that it sounds like he was. After all, entrepreneurs are a scrappy, determined lot.

If you count yourself among them, you know what we mean. You grab opportunity by the horns and don't let go. You lose yourself in the hustle and flow. You want it so bad you can taste it, er, like mom's spaghetti.

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To seize your one shot at success, there's one thing you absolutely must do -- stay motivated.

One way to do that is to -- yep, you guessed it -- lose yourself in the music. Pop, rap, rock, punk or metal, you name it, kick-ass, blood-pumping songs are all fuel for the hustle. To help you get your musical motivation on, tune in, turn on and listen to the seven songs below.

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Go ahead. Crank "em up to get fired up and go for yours. Do not miss your chance to blow.

The White Stripes -- "Seven Nation Army"

From the very first thump of Meg White's kick drum to Jack White's semi-acoustic guitar masquerading like a bass guitar, this stripped-down iconic rock anthem explodes with a punch. It's like a screaming hot jolt of Death Wish Coffee, loaded with spitfire energy. It's a gritty, defiant ode to fighting the good fight. "I'm gonna fight "em off, a seven nation army couldn't hold me back." Listen to it when you're knees-deep in the trenches, fighting off competitors and the naysayers who say you can't.

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Drake -- "Started From the Bottom"

Drake started from nothing and went from mixtapes to millions. "We were poor, like broke," the childhood rapper told MTV of his childhood. In this hit song, the Canadian rapper cautions those who make it against all odds not to forget their humble beginnings and to stay true to themselves on the way the way to top. The takeaway for entrepreneurs: When you make it big, keep it real, stay humble and remember who your real friends are. The spoils of success are greater when you share them with those who supported you. When you listen, use the lyrics to help visualize your future success and all the good stuff that will come with it.

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Kelly Clarkson -- "Stronger"

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Sure, Clarkson applies this platitude to rebounding from a breakup, but it rings true in running a business, too. Use her fiery bounceback anthem as fuel when rebounding from the darker moments that most all entrepreneurs eventually face -- when a business partner breaks up with you, when you get shot down, and, yes, even when you fail and have to start again. Like the pop songstress sings, "Stand a little taller" in the face of rejection. Keep your chin up, champ. One measly setback doesn't mean you're over.

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DJ Khaled -- "All I Do Is Win"

Everyone loves to win. Some of us more than others. DJ Khaled does "no matter what." The New Orleans-based producer nothing but owns the essence of the competitive entrepreneurial spirit in this energizing anthem. And he doesn't mess around about what he wants to win -- money and fame and a lot of both. "Got money on my mind I can never get enough, and every time I step up in the buildin', everybody hands go up and they stay there and they say yeah." Riches and a raucous roomful of fans showing you respect. Who doesn't want some of that? You do. Now go get it.

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Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars -- "Billionaire"

Bruno Mars rides that money train, too. Hard. The Grammy-winning pop star wants "to be a billionaire so freakin' bad" and "buy all the things" he never had. So does Travie McCoy, who wrote the song. Hey, at least he cuts the bull and admits it. If making money motivates you, this song will too. You never know, you might even "have a show like Oprah" and land on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine. "The world better prepare…"

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Pennywise -- "Rise Up"

Rise up. Work hard. Ignore the haters, create your own success and own it. That's the indie backbone theme of this high-speed punk jam. "Well it's up to you what you really want to do," lead singer Jim Lindberg shouts. "Take time to find a way, focus on your vision, you're on a secret mission, ignore what the masses say … Dare to envision, hold on to your decision, take control of each passing day." Focus, vision, determination and grit, all the main ingredients for entrepreneurial badassery, they're all right here. Question is, how will you use them to "win this race" called life?

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Katy Perry -- "Firework"

If you need a reminder of why you're awesome, have no fear, the bubbliest of bubblegum pop stars (and the reigning queen of Twitter) is here. In this hit song, packed with all the positive feels, she reminds you on repeat that you're not just some wimpy flickering flame. You're no tiny spark either. You're a full-blown firework, baby. "Come on, let your colors burst," because, you're not even close to paper thin, "one blow from caving in." Now perk up and ignite your inner light already. Shine on.

Oh, and if "Firework," doesn't exactly light your fire, you might want to give these other equally motivating Katy Perry ditties a spin: "Wide Awake," "Roar" and "This Is How We Do."

Kim Lachance Shandrow

Former West Coast Editor

Kim Lachance Shandrow is the former West Coast editor at Entrepreneur.com. Previously, she was a commerce columnist at Los Angeles CityBeat, a news producer at MSNBC and KNBC in Los Angeles and a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times. She has also written for Government Technology magazine, LA Yoga magazine, the Lowell Sun newspaper, HealthCentral.com, PsychCentral.com and the former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Coop. Follow her on Twitter at @Lashandrow. You can also follow her on Facebook here

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