Advice From 8 Hectic 'Mompreneurs' About Work and Life Entrepreneurs are busy. Mompreneurs are perpetual motion machines.

By Kristy Rampton

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In the past decade, more and more women have been stepping up and joining the female entrepreneur force. Many of which also carry the title of mom, which has created the slang word mompreneur. This describes women who juggle running their own business along with the demands of being a full-time parent. Somehow they manage to do so with amazing devotion, hard sacrifices and pure determination.

With the Internet allowing entrepreneurs to sell products and services out of their homes, rather than relying on foot traffic to brick-and-mortar business, more and more women are able to fulfill their dreams of working from home. This can make it possible to get work done while also attending to the kids.

Deciding to make the jump to juggling multiple titles can be a scary one. But just like so many mompreneurs have proven, it can be done with amazing finesse. These eight average but successful women, share with you their stories, best advice and secrets to getting it all done, from their own experiences as a mompreneur.

1. Erin Schurtz: Be passionate.

Image credit: Erin Schurtz
Erin Schurtz is a military wife and mother of two, who started Mommi when she was three months pregnant with her first baby. After being unable to get the proper nutrition she needed while sick, she searched for a protein powder to help, came up empty and decided to create her own. The result was Mommi 3-in-1, the first ever complete prenatal protein shake. It's everything a pregnant woman needs in addition to her regular diet. Her advice is to be passionate about your work.

"Life's too short to spend time doing anything for just a paycheck, especially when what you are doing takes you away from your children and family. If you love your work then it will be easier to lead a balanced life."

2. Cori Kahler: Fight for it.

Image credit: Cori Kahler
Nine years ago, Cori Kahler's love affair with lipstick and desire to help people feel beautiful came together and I'm Beautiful! Salon & Beautique was born in South Jordan, Utah, where I had the pleasure of working with her for a short time. Though started small, Cori has grown the business to not only be featured on local news shows regularly but also win national awards. Being a mother of two has challenged and taught her compassion as a business owner, courage as an entrepreneur and is what keeps her going. Her advice is to keep fighting for it.

"Women have to fight harder, work harder and prove that we are capable of being powerhouses in the workplace. Women are powerhouses. Mothers are powerhouses."

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3. Jessica Kettle: Separate family and work.

Image credit: Jessica Kettle
Jessica Kettle is a wedding photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and mom to three kids. She realized after having her first child she couldn't get enough of taking pictures. So what started as a hobby quickly grew into the wedding photography business it is today. Her business, Jessica Kettle Photography started with only $40 a session to working exclusively on weddings that range from $2,000 to $8,000 and have taken her all over the world. She shoots 20 to 30 weddings a year and has been able to do commercial/editorial work within the wedding industry.

Her best advice is to separate family and work time as much as possible. This increases her productivity and her family and clients are happier when she is able to focus and engage in what she is doing, rather than being spread too thin.

4. Kim Pratt: Seize the moment.

Image credit: Kim Pratt

Kim Pratt lives in California and is mother to four boys. She had all four in five years, which left her without enough hands to fit all their needs. She solved some of this problem by creating a bib with a snap leash that attaches to any pacifier or teething toy. From that her company Freckle Baby was born. She started with this one product and in the first year was able to expand her brand. This may not have solved all her problems associated with raising boys but she did eliminate one.

Her best advice is; "Be open to seizing opportunities and reaching out to people you think would never notice you. Sometimes I'm blown away by the help I get. In the end it's all about the hustle."

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5. Erin Hooley: Live your dream.

Image credit: Erin Hooley

Erin Hooley's business started as a crafting hobby in her kitchen to help pay off some of their student loan debt. While she started with her own shop, she eventually wanted to be separate and this is when she introduced a new Bailey's Blossoms to the world.

Erin took the business from the $10,000 they made in 2010, to selling $600,000 worth of product in 2014. While also raising her six kids, Erin has created a business that provides other mothers the opportunity to be a working mom as well. She allows her employees to bring their kids to work and play in their open play area. While this may be a bit unorthodox, Erin states "I am committed to the idea that you really CAN have the best of both worlds as a working mom, kids in tow! I truly feel I'm living the dream as a stay-at-home working mom, and hope we can help inspire others to do the same."

6. Whitney Lundeen: Utilize available help.

Image credit: Whitney Lundeen

Whitney Lundeen is the owner and creator of Sonnet James, a Palo Alto-based online fashion brand that designs play dresses for moms. The company was born out of the idea that beautiful clothing should work for moms­ by being durable, comfortable and beautiful, yet easy to care for. She started in January of 2013 by designing and making dresses in her kitchen. Since then she has grown her business from selling 100 dresses to, after just two years passing $1 million in sales and selling over 10,000 dresses.

Her biggest piece of advice is; "Hire someone to come in and help with the kids and the house work. It's hard to be creative and clear-headed when you feel stretched too thin. Don't' feel guilty about it."

7. Amber Lont: Find camaraderie.

Image credit: Amber Lont

Amber Lont is a mother of two who runs two businesses, Organized (re)Design, a professional organizing company, and Love at Home Designs, a furniture refinishing business. She started her entrepreneurial journey as a young college student by owning and running a Christian Housing property. That required her find cheap furniture, which led to upcycling thrift store furniture and, eventually, her own business Love at Home Designs.

She realized she is skilled at organizing by meeting the challenge of raising a family and running both of these businesses. After working for a large professional organizing company, she yearned to be her own boss again. In January she made the leap to start Organized (re)Design. She says her life of juggling kids and multiple businesses is chaotic and creative but she loves it. Her biggest advice is to find other mom-preneurs in your area to be friends with. This helps create a camaraderie with other moms who are also trying to stay afloat personally and professionally in similar ways as yourself.

8. Miranda Marquit: Time out.

Image credit: Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit has been freelancing online for 10 years. She wanted a way to use her journalism degree while working from home. Her freelance business has allowed her a great deal of flexibility and freedom. Since she has the benefit of location independence, she loves the freedom to go wherever she feels is best for her and her 12 year old son.

Her best piece of advice is to take time out for yourself. "This includes exercise, good sleep (when you can get it) and time to relax. Even if you only take 30 minutes a day for yourself, it can help. You'll be happier and less stressed."

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Kristy Rampton is a trained massage therapist in Palo Alto, Calif., who also blogs about life being married to an entrepreneur. 

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