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Google's New Recruiting App Helps Entrepreneurs Searching for Talent People all over the globe use Google to find everything. Now they can find employees, too.

By Murray Newlands Edited by Dan Bova

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In May 2017, Google launched Google for Jobs, a platform designed to link those looking for a new job to potential employers. Aside from this, the company's search engine is one of the most powerful for undertaking job searches online because it allows people to find opportunities across a multitude of platforms some of which include LinkedIn, DirectEmployers and even Facebook, among many others.

But, since then, Google has taken its professional matchmaking technology to a new level, giving candidates and employers alike the chance to meet the right people at the right time, all in one place. Not only this, the company's new platform, Hire, is designed to offer both parties a seamless experience from the moment communications commence to the moment a hire takes place.

In my most recent YouTube show on the Murray Newlands Show, I met with Google employee Berit Hoffmann to discuss Google's Hire in more depth. According to the website, Hire is a recruitment application that allows companies to better recruit candidates through with G Suite. It gives big and small companies alike the chance to:

  • Identify new talent

  • Communicate with potential candidates

  • Organize interviews

  • Create full assessments regarding candidates

Here are some questions that Berit was happy to answer regarding Google's new recruitment platform:

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How does Hire help entrepreneurs?

"Great, well, I'm excited to be here. So Hire is a recruiting application that we launched back in July." According to Berit, "the way it helps entrepreneurs is that it helps them run more efficiently and more collaboratively. One of the best things it does is help hire great people."

She went on to explain how the team running the Hire program specifically spent a lot of time with clients in order to fully understand how they're currently recruiting new team members. During this research, the team found that companies across the globe are using a lot of Google products to run a variety of recruiting activities.

For example, G Suite is being used to send candidates and recruits emails regarding potential jobs. Not only this, it is being used to send emails about details regarding interviews. With this in mind, Google has created Hire to not only fully understand how the recruitment process works but to streamline and simplify it.

Through Hire, Google aims to stop companies wanting to employ new people having to switch between general purpose tools to get the job done. In Berit's words "Hire really understands how the recruitment process is run and helps them run it more efficiently."

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What are the specific stages of how Hire works with a company?

According to Berit, Hire can help hiring companies undertake a variety of tasks, all from the comforts of one platform. Aside from allowing companies to post to job boards and public labs, the platform allows organizations to also collect applications from candidates.

From the Hire platform, you can communicate with all potential candidates and keep those communications safe for future reference. Not only this, you can also collect interview feedback and schedule new interviews without leaving your platform. Lastly, you can sieve through old applications and find great talent from people that you may have interviewed in the past.

Ultimately, Hire is a one-stop shop for both people looking for jobs and companies hiring. It syncs seamlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar, allowing you to stop bouncing between products to schedule meetings and send emails. It's the perfect place to create the ultimate collaboration with new employees by making tracking applicants easy while also enabling you to nurture the candidates you value most for each available position within your company.

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If people want to find out more where do they go?

Berit closed her interview with me by saying that you can find out more about Hire by visiting Hire.Google.com. Aside from learning more about the application itself, you'll be able to request a demo from the team and get in touch in order to get your Hire platform up and running.

The pricing for Hire depends on the size of each individual organization. In order to start using the platform, you must:

  • Already be using G Suite products

  • Have fewer than 1,000 employees

  • Be based in the United States

With each signup, Google helps you by migrating any existing data you have in order to provide a fully seamless user experience. Not only this, the platform comes with full, ongoing support via email, chat and phone, seven days a week.

Murray Newlands

Entrepreneur, business advisor and online-marketing professional

Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. He is the founder of ChattyPeople.com chatbot builder tool and Sighted.com. Read his blog MurrayNewlands.com.

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