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How to Do What You Love and Make Money Doing It

This self-development power couple shares their secret to success and happiness.

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If you have ever found yourself searching (especially online) for how you can do what you love while still being able to pay the bills, then you've probably stumbled across self-development power couple Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos.

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Speakers, workshop leaders, entrepreneurs and conscious leaders, Preston and Alexi have made a name for themselves in the world of self-development. Their latest effort to help people discover their most rewarding life path comes in book form -- the couple, whom I recently interviewed, co-authored Now or Never: Your Epic Life in Five Steps.

Their message comes at a poignant time, when more aspiring entrepreneurs than ever are open to seeking a deeper level of awareness and truly gifted leaders are looking for ways to monetize their wisdom.

"It's fascinating, seeing the dilemma from both sides," said Alexi. "There are those who succeed when it comes to business and , but in the end they feel empty inside and without fulfillment. And then, on the other side of it, we've got the spiritual community that's working on alignment and living their truth, but they have such an issue around charging for their gifts and services. Their suffering is different, because they struggle to pay the bills while they continue on their journey."

Preston added, "In the end, everyone suffers. The gap in the middle robs people of the opportunity to work together. But truly, there's nothing more spiritually aligned than knowing who you are, why you're here, and the value you bring to the world. That's what we want to solve."

So, how do you find that "golden intersection?"

According to Alexi, a lot of entrepreneurs tend to be more logical and want to see results, very focused on the "hustle." But it's equally important to take time to tap into the deeper sense of what is actually going to bring you fulfillment, because until that root is there, nothing will ever be enough.

"The business will always try to steal the attention away from the work, and the work on the self is ultimately the best use of our time. Because when we affect who we are at the deepest level, we affect everything around us," said Alexi.

Preston added that in order for that process to actually happen, you have to block off time, just like you block off time for your work. Block off time for meditation, block off time for going on walks in nature, or spending time with your significant other. Block off time to go to seminars or events. Block off time to do things that aren't just related to your business passions -- things that challenge you on a personal level.

"It's honestly nothing more than being a constant student of life. Because the journey never ends, just like the work never ends. There's always something else you could be doing -- every knows that. So, the key is to get to a place where you realize you'll never truly get 'there,' and to focus much more on each step along the way," said Preston.

Alexi and Preston's message has clearly been working, because the couple is on track to turn their three six-figure businesses into seven-figure businesses in the next year. Their secret to success?

"We show up as who we are," said Alexi. "And that's such a rare thing, especially in the business world. You can't measure vibe. You can't measure living in your truth. But when you can operate from that place, you see the impact it has -- and so does everyone else."

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