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New Career? Ending a Relationship? Here's How to Make a Seamless Transition.

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For some, change is a welcome and anticipated event. For others an anxiety-inducing process.

Whether you are a perpetual nomad and incessant job hopper, or you are taking the leap into new territory for the first time, there are many ways you can set yourself up for success and minimize the stress of a big transition.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when undergoing a transition.

1. Be adaptable.

Adaptability is one of the that not only ensures you will find your way back to your when things get shaky, but also is an essential survival technique. Human beings are extremely adaptable but we tend to forget this when we get stuck in a rut.

Growth happens outside of our comfort zones, so take a risk, push yourself to discomfort and your horizons will expand, taking your life to a new level. People who are adaptable are happier, period.

2. Plan ahead.

Plan on feeling uncomfortable. So when you can't find your toothbrush or your new business' lack of income is causing a panic, plan to remind yourself that your circumstances are temporary and that these feelings are normal. Even if you are excited and happy for this change, you still may experience stress. Be sure to keep yourself organized and plan to ask for or hire support when needed.

Plan for financial setbacks, too. Have an emergency fund that will give you a sense of security should money become an issue. Make sure to construct a Plan B if that feels helpful to you. When moving, research your new town and find out where the best food spots and amenities are near you.

3. Focus on your greater vision.

When you make a change in life because you are following a specific dream, and this is the necessary next step toward your dream, you will be able to endure the transition because the goal is worth it.

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A college student puts off working and lives on a minimal budget in a tiny apartment to accomplish the bigger goal of earning his or her degree. If it is your dream to live in a tropical paradise rather than the cold northern climate, then you will do whatever it takes to get there. Sometimes that means selling your things, or giving up 4,000 square feet in the suburbs for 400 square feet on the beach. Sometimes that means ending a relationship or leaving a secure job.

Your greater vision clarifies your priorities and makes choosing the next step easier -- whatever brings you closest to your goal.

4. Reach out, focus out.

Stay connected to friends and family, volunteer or get involved in an organization, ask a new co-worker to join you for lunch. Share your frustrations and excitement, and call someone up on the phone if you need to talk.

This is no time to isolate, but celebrate! Throw yourself a going-away party and you will realize how many people love you and are sad to see you go. Transitions are a rite of passage and can be smoother when marked by a celebration.

Also, when in doubt, focus out. In other words, all the focus on yourself and your issues can become overwhelming. To get out of your own head, help someone else out. There is always someone in need and focusing out is an excellent way of remembering that the world doesn't revolve around you.

Transition is a catalyst for growth and evolution. It is a valuable and necessary step in life when you are pushing for your dreams. Take care of yourself and those around you by being mindful and practicing these tips and you will be in the comfortable flow of your new circumstances before you even realize it.

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