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Short on Time? Here Are 8 Time-Saving Apps. Here is a short list of time-tracking apps to help you spend your time on what is most important.

By Leslie Barber Edited by Dan Bova

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Ever wonder where your time goes? For many entrepreneurs, 24 hours in a day just isn't enough. Often founders struggle with multitasking, prioritizing and delegating … and guilt when everything doesn't get completed by day's end. But an honest account of exactly how you spend your day can be highly illuminating – and could help you do more of this and less of that.

Here are eight apps that can help you track how your time is spent.

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1. Chrometa

Chrometa is a time-capturing app that records your time as you work on your computer or smartphone. And using this app is a breeze, as works quietly alongside you requiring nothing of you. It records all activity behind the scenes. Taking a lunch break? Chrometa will prompt you to record that activity when you return. You can easily categorize the time into client projects and even invoice them. Plans begin at $19 a month and are available for individuals or teams.

2. Toggl

If you need an easy and affordable option, take a look at Toggl. Used by Dell and other companies, Toggle is an easy and affordable option. A user just needs to type in her task and hit the start button. When your time spent on that work is done, click on stop. There's even a way to manually log time if you forget to start the tracker. Each day, Toggl provides a day-by-day breakdown, along with an overview of time spent. Again, it is simple to use but if someone gets stuck, there are many how-tos on the website. Basic time tracking is free and fully loaded options will cost you only $5 a month.

3. PayMo

For those looking for a complete business solution rolled into one application, PayMo delivers. For a modest price, PayMo provides time-tracking services, along with basic project management features plus invoicing. Freelancers will love that it also converts estimates into client invoices. PayMo's free version includes unlimited clients and reports. Plans with additional features start at $9.95.

4. Office Time

Getting high ratings from CNET and MacUpdate, along with being an Apple staff pick, Office Time offers similar tracking, invoicing and time management features,as the others but with more detail and at a flat rate. Besides knowing when you have stepped away from your desk, Office Time has expense tracking, easy invoicing and summary graphs. It also has a sync tool for Apple users and caters to iPhone and iPad users. People can try the service for free for 21 days and after that must pay a one-time fee of $47.

5. RescueTime

Like other apps, this one lets you rack all of your computing habits -- both good and bad -- on any device with the free version of Rescue Time. But here's a key difference: Upgrade to the premium version for $9 a month, or $72 a year, and you're able to document time spent away from the computer, plus block distracting websites to remove any temptations. That's one way to recapture time from web surfing.

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6. Cube Anywhere

As the name suggests, this app is like accessing the work cubical and all of its data from anywhere that a laptop, smartphone or tablet will take you. Cube Anywhere is an excellent choice for managers who have employee teams that they need to assign projects, share calendars, authorize expenses and more. Plus, the app can be integrated with third-party platforms like Google, GitHub, Bitbucket and Twitter. The standard version is free while more robust plans start at $6.99 per user per month. Cloud sync

Apple users only:

7. ATracker

ATracker is a free app that starts tracking activities with a simple tap of the iPhone. This is a simple yet graphically stylish way to track anything and everything you do, then report it later in colorful pie charts. A user can also take notes on each activity, set alarms, gesture support and fully customize the interface, among other features. Upgrade to the full version for $2.99.

8. Eternity

Worried that your own work vs. play-time equation is out of balance? Apple's Eternity time log will help you take inventory so you can focus on what's important to you. This app is for iPad and iPhone for $14.99.

Once you know what you spend time on, you can adjust to ensure you are prioritizing the projects that will move your business forward. And you can accurately invoice so that you don't cheat yourself, or anyone else. Now you'll be able to see exactly where your time goes - even how much time you've spent reading this article. Happy tracking everyone!

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Leslie Barber

Small Business Engagement Officer, QuickBooks

Leslie Barber advocates for small business success as a small business engagement officer for Intuit's QuickBooks in Mountain View, Calif. She is a co-owner and co-founder of NutraBella, the maker of Bellybar.

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