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Why Nothing Short of 100 Percent Can Ever Be Enough to Succeed

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Be committed to your life at 100 percent. Be committed to your dreams at 100 percent, your career at 100 percent, and your marriage at 100 percent. When I'm having fun I want to go all the way, 100 percent in the moment, hitting the wall. I want to quit doing things half-way. I want to quit putting half of myself into something and put myself 100 percent into something. If you take this philosophy, you will have success in such large proportions that it would change your life forever.


Doing things part way never feels as good as going over the top does. Go over the top. See, it's better to crash all the way than to play it safe. It's better to hit the wall at full blast than to just kind of nudge it. Make people say, "Wow, that guy hit the wall." All successful people get labeled as if something is wrong with them. Highly successful people go all the way. Later on you can pull it in, later on I can get conservative with my resources. When you are trying to build something successful, you need to take some risks and go all the way. I'm not talking about financial risk -- I'm talking about action risk.

See, if you are anything like me, you start with nothing. You don't have someone giving you money. How do you create success in your life? I didn't have anything. I had to show up and go all the way. I found out that 50 percent got me nothing. Go all the way when you have nothing -- you have nothing to lose anyway.

Back when I was in school people were a little worried about me, like what will this guy do? I hadn't yet put my hands around being responsible and professional with being 100 percent. I was just young and crazy. If you have kids let them go the way, don't introvert them because they are going to need this 100 percent when they grow up -- like you need it right now. Back when I was young everyone was trying to pull me back, now everyone is like "wow this is great!"

If you could send your kid to school and they told you that they could only learn to either read, write, count -- or be 100 percent, which would you choose? Which class would you put your kid in? Which will they need in their life to create abundance and prosperity? What will make sure they survive at the highest level? It's not going to be reading, writing, and counting. If you teach your kid to go all the way they will be able to change the world. If you live every day at 100 percent you will not just change your own life but all those around you in your circle.

Most of you teach your kids, "be careful, don't get hurt, don't do that, don't make a scene, be quiet" and you slowly introvert them. The world doesn't want you to be big -- it pushes you down. Teach yourself and teach your kids to get big. If your kids saw you operate at work every day, would they see you operating at 100 percent?

People call me dangerous, a risk-taker, irresponsible, crazy and ridiculous. Look, you need to be called these things. I'd rather be around a dangerous person than a bored person any day of the week. I lose interest in bored people, do you? Dangerous is a great thing to be called. It doesn't mean you be dangerous or that someone needs to get hurt, but I'd rather be dangerous than safe.

Be a little dangerous today -- get on my Playbook to Millions which is a program designed to build millionaires. Go in on it 100 percent. If you give it your all you WILL become massively successful no matter how much success you've already accomplished. Give 100 percent. folks.

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