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6 AI-Powered Tools All Entrepreneurs Need to Run Their Business Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can help you better your business. Here are the ones you should try.

By Artur Kiulian Edited by Dan Bova

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are now available to entrepreneurs via a broad range of online tools and applications. AI-powered solutions can help entrepreneurs automate their business communication, generate insights from phone calls, sales and marketing data, create intelligent social media and content strategies, and much more. To help entrepreneurs navigate the expanding ecosystem of business AI solutions, here's a list of six must-have AI tools every entrepreneur should use.


Perfect grammar, spelling and style are essential for your content writing strategy, pitching to investors and written communication with consumers. Error-free content helps establish your business as professional and trustworthy. Grammarly is one of the best choices to accomplish this. It is an online application powered by machine learning algorithms that recognize stylistic and semantic errors, wrong sentence structure and other nuanced language features that only a professional editor would help you fix. With Grammarly Premium you have access to professional editing services for $11.66/month if you select an annual plan. If you don't want to commit to the premium plan, Grammarly has a light-weight freemium service that offers basic spell checking, grammar and punctuation correction.

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Amy by

Most entrepreneurs are very busy people with a lot of daily meetings and back-and-forth communication with clients, employees and investors. Amy, a new AI chatbot solution developed by, can help you save your precious time for other mission-critical tasks. In a nutshell, Amy is a personal assistant that helps schedule meetings. Upon receiving a meeting request, Amy will arrange the time, location and other details of your meeting via email or any other communication channel. Amy makes your life easier without downloading any app or signing in to your account.

To start using Amy as your personal assistant, you can select a free personal plan that includes five meetings per month. The plan, though, is constrained by a heavy waitlist, so the professional ($39/month) or business ($59/month) packages are definitely a better option if you need unlimited meetings per month, team accounts and instant access to your AI assistant.

Oftentimes, closing a sale looks like magic: The customer buys a product, but you don't have a clue why this has happened. leverages the power of machine learning to understand what strategies and actions lead a sales team to success. To generate actionable insights, employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms that run through emails, phone conversations, WebEx and calendars in search of patterns of successful interactions. This AI-powered analysis creates a model of the best way to close a deal. Once trained, the system then can tell when a sales person deviates from the best standards and point to unproductive behaviors to improve sales efficiency.

You can get up and running in just few minutes by linking your commercial Google or Office 365 accounts. In addition, supports one-click Salesforce installation to make its AI functionality available in this popular SaaS platform.

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Pi by Postintelligence

Pi is a social media manager and assistant developed by Postintelligence to improve your social content strategies. After you have connected your Twitter or Facebook accounts to the service, Pi analyzes profiles, comments and posts of your followers, and compiles the list of trending topics and discussions. Under the hood, the assistant uses NLP and sentiment analysis that translate social media data into direct advice about which topics, tone, emotions and visual content will better engage your audience. Pi will also suggest the precise time when a post should be published and analyzes post performance to collect new insights. Thanks to the powerful machine learning algorithms and seamless integration with social media metrics, Pi will become an indispensable component of your social media strategy.

Legal Robot

Legal Robot is an AI adviser that helps you navigate the complex and opaque world of legal contracts. Powered by NLP and deep learning, Legal Robot creates high-level legal models from large corpora of contracts that cover a broad range of business cases and scenarios. If you are not a legal expert, Legal Robot can put complex legal terminology in layman's terms. It can also improve readability and consistency of your contracts and secure their compliance to the best standards and practices.

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As an added bonus, Legal Robot can help identify potential blind spots and risks that might make the contract a burden for you business. No matter how difficult the contract is to read, Legal Robot will ensure that it's perfectly clear what you sign.


Taking notes of phone calls and recollecting lengthy conversations can be a hurdle for a busy entrepreneur with dozens of calls on a daily basis. Tetra AI handles this problem with the powerful speech recognition and natural language processing algorithms that allow translating calls into searchable notes. Almost immediately after the call ends, you receive a detailed synopsis of your conversation to your inbox. You can search Tetra notes using your own keywords and the system will find the most relevant matches. In addition, Tetra supports two-way speaker identification to remember who said what. As an entrepreneur, you may opt for a Business plan ($99) that includes unlimited calling, unlimited AI-based notes and 50 cents/minute for the full transcription of your calls.

Taking an advantage of the most recent technological advances can prove to be an immediate benefit to your business operations. Not only can it reduce your manual workload, it can save you both time and money. The best part is, you don't have to be a machine learning wizard or have one within your company to start using these intelligent tools.

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Artur Kiulian

Partner at Colab

Artur Kiulian, M.S.A.I., is a partner at Colab, a Los Angeles-based venture studio that helps startups build technology products using the benefits of machine learning. An expert in artificial intelligence, Kiulian is the author of Robot is the Boss: How to do business with artificial intelligence.

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