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Make the New Facebook Pages Layout Work to Your Advantage

Take control over the Facebook layout to engage your audience in a variety of ways.

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Recent changes to Facebook page layouts caused some companies with a decent presence to stretch their heads. The new look "scrambled" the pieces we were so used to, such as tabs and apps.

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While the changes are skin-deep, you have to take a fresh look at your page and make sure that the new layout complements, not destroys your Facebook footprint.

So, what can you do to improve your chances of making the right moves on Facebook?

Main visuals -- profile and cover photos.

This should go without saying but lot of businesses still make this same mistake. When visitors first land on your Facebook page, they make a split decision on whether they like it and what to find out more, or they bounce. In this split second, they make that decision based on the main visuals. Are they crisp? Are they colorful or pale? Is there any text on the cover photo that invites them in? Make sure these things are representative of your brand. The cover photo is the first thing that really pop out on your visitors and followers. It needs to be meaningful and high-quality. If one or both of these images look grainy and not sharp enough, spend time driving this visual element of your page home.

Experiment with cover photos by highlighting your latest product or promotion. This way, this will be the first thing people see when landing on your page. This tactic will keep the cover photo updated for existing followers, making your Facebook page that much more useful.

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Also, it's easy to forget to update cover photo description. Use this space to your advantage by providing further details about a thing that's being highlighted and don't forget to add a relevant link where people could find out more or sign up for future updates.


This is an important and often-overlooked part of your page. It might look like a no-brainer, but shortening your name (for example, omitting "Inc." in the end) or using "&" instead of "and" might put you at a disadvantage. Google scans the Web to find relevant Web results besides your website. If your name is slightly inconsistent, Google might not recognize that Facebook page belongs to you or simply decrease the rank of the page to not display on first page. Not the best move for your company; try to own the first page of Google results with all of your digital channels that you have control over.

Posts visuals and photos.

Pay attention to the visuals that show up top. Facebook now lets admins select the visual content, photos and videos, that best represent digital experience. Again, make sure they're representative of your brand and not from random posts. Spend some time sorting through old photos, posts, or upload new images to truly preview what your page is all about. Now is the time to truly hone in on what you're trying to say to your followers and visitors.

Descriptions and links.

There are a short description, a long description and an Impressum. Spend some time to create a short, yet interesting description that will "hook" the visitors. Also, it might be a good idea to have a consistent description across your channels. Again, that will show that you care and might establish a stronger link between your accounts in search results.

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Also, it's probably the best idea to insert your main website link instead of linking separate seasonal links as your main link on Facebook page. You can find better ways to draw people to special links.


If you ignored Events section in the past, now is the time to use it to your advantage and boost attendance by highlighting your events. This is your chance to build a true community not only on Facebook, but outside of it too. If you own a digital business and don't host physical events, you can still employ Events. Experiment with scheduling hangouts, chats and Q&A sessions or creating an event for promotions and sale. Why would you do that? Because after you invited people to an event, they will be updated every time you post an update. So, even if they clicked "Maybe" or "Interested" and have their doubts, you can keep your event on top of their minds with frequent engaging updates.

Posting consistency.

It becomes especially important to post on Facebook consistently. If you don't, your Facebook Page Edge Rank might decrease resulting in decreased organic reach for your posts. Of course, the more quality content you post, the better, but even posting every other day consistently is better than posting 5 updates in a row and then falling off the face of the Earth (in Facebook's perception) for weeks. Develop a posting schedule that works for you and your audience and stick to it.

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A variety of formats.

Experiment with formats and post types to make your page especially engaging. See what types of content your audience loves the most. Could it be videos or images? Maybe it's links to interesting content on your blog or from other trusted sources? Could it be your seasonal sales announcement, weekly trivia or fun facts? Try a bit of everything to see what people respond to the best. Yet, once you find that medium, aim to have a pretty diverse content so that everyone will find something for themselves.


Statistics are a great way to see what truly works and what doesn't. You might be posting lots of videos, but statistics might tell you that posts with links in them get the most clicks. Also, see at what times your audience is most active. Research the socio-demographic makeup of your Facebook follower base. See what the overall engagement and reach rates are. There is a wealth of information and insight there.

New Facebook layout offers interesting ways to engage your audience in a variety of ways. Now you have true control over what's being displayed up top, what visuals your followers see first, and finally, how your community can engage in real life.

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