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Marketers Are Searching for Instagram Services 12X More Than Snapchat's (Infographic)

A study by gig marketplace Fivver finds smaller businesses are largely ignoring Snapchat in favor of Instagram.

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If you need an example of just how cutthroat the world of high stakes social media is these days, look no further than Facebook and Snap Inc. last year.

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The social media giant, through its subsidiary Instagram, more or less copied one of Snapchat's core user experiences, slowing the smaller company's user base and revenue growth to a much slower pace.

The launch of Instagram Stories stifled Snap Inc.'s robust expansion by 82 percent according to some reports. Look a little deeper though and you see that a good part of Snap's problem isn't so much that a competitor copied it, but rather that some find it difficult to navigate, and that there haven't been advertising options for smaller businesses.

This is reflected in statistics just released by gig marketplace Fiverr. The company took a look at services provided on its platform and discovered that there's a whole lot more interest on the part of smaller businesses in Instagram than in Snapchat. In fact, according to Fiverr, queries for Instagram services outpace those for Snapchat by more than 12 times.

A big reason for this is the variety of advertising features Instagram provides. In recent years Snapchat has only offered ad services for clients with big budgets. Snapchat recently announced that in June it's offering ad services for businesses of all sizes. Time will tell if this helps the company resume the rapid growth that it enjoyed the first half of last year.

Here's more information from Fiverr on some of the key insights from its recent look into services provided by Snapchat and Instagram on the platform.

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