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Bill Gates Reveals Why He Prefers Android Over iPhone

Interestingly, Bill Gates' statements in favor of Android came during his first interview on Clubhouse, a social network available only on iPhone.

Microsoft's Cloud Generated More Revenue Than Amazon and Google Combined in 2020

Azure, Microsoft's cloud service, outperformed its competitors, but Amazon Web Services still dominates the field. Why?

Surface Pro-7 Commercial Mocks Apple's Macbook Pro

The firm emphasizes all the benefits and advantages that the new Surface Pro-7 has and throws shade at Macbook Pro.

Microsoft Invests in Cruise, a Company That Develops Driverless Cars

Its objective will be to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving vehicles.

Microsoft Tried to Buy Nintendo, But Got Laughed Out of the Room

The company wanted Nintendo's software for the original Xbox.

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Bill Gates Predicts What 2021 Will Be Like, Alerts Us to Our Immediate Future

The tycoon has predictions about how the pandemic will evolve throughout this year, and when things could return to normal.

Gain Business Analysis Skills to Help Your Business Grow

Get a crash course in Microsoft Power BI for just $40.

Xbox Series S breaks all-time record for lowest price

The new generation console will cost 6,799 pesos in Amazon Mexico.

Are the "Console Wars" Still Happening?: The Battle Between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

They have been installed on the podium of casual entertainment, and even professional pre and post COVID-19, globally.

How to Use Microsoft Programs to Scale Your Business

Learn each Microsoft Office program and how it can help your brand.