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An Ex-Googler Retired at Age 40 on a Friday. By Monday, She Regretted It.

She was secure about her finances and worked in Google's Atlanta, Mountain View, and Bengaluru offices.

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This Retiree's Leisurely Side Hustle Makes $66,000 a Year and, 'You Don't Even Need to Go to High School to Do It'

Barbara Hill wanted a flexible, part-time job that would transition well into retirement. Now she mentors younger people who are making over $200,000 a year. Here's her insider's guide to getting started.

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'These People Didn't Do Anything Wrong,' But Their Standard of Living Might Plummet in Retirement — Here's Why

Most American workers feel behind where they think they should be on their retirement savings.

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The Best Hobbies to Take Up as a New Retiree

If you want to lead a richer, more fulfilling, more social life as a retiree, you need to take up some new hobbies. The problem is that some hobbies are...

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Is a Soft Retirement the Right Move for You?

When you picture your retirement, what comes to mind? You might envision yourself relaxing on a beach, spending time with family, traveling the world, or participating more in your favorite...


This Retirement Trend Is Helping People Ease 'Financial Anxieties' and Avoid 'Loss of Purpose,' Workplace Expert Says

Taking a nontraditional approach to retirement comes with several advantages.

Side Hustle

This Former Amazon Employee Started a Side Hustle Because She Wanted 'Lifestyle Freedom' — Now Her Business Earns $100,000 a Month

Julie Berninger, former tech project manager and current Etsy shop owner, successfully transitioned her side hustle into a full-scale business, Gold City Ventures.

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These Are the 5 Best States for an Affordable and Leisure-Filled Retirement, According to a New Report

More than half (56%) of American workers believe they're behind on saving for retirement.

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U.S. Workers Really Want to Retire Young, According to Their Google Searches

There's been a spike in searches asking about retirement ages. Here's each state's dream age to say goodbye to the daily grind.

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The Ins and Outs of Final Salary Pensions

How do you envision your golden years? For many, it means traveling or just relaxing on sun-kissed beaches, free of the daily grind. Financial security, however, is crucial to a...

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How to Simplify Daily Life as a Retiree

Your daily life is going to change as a retiree. It is important that you remain adaptable during this transition if you are going to remain healthy and thrive. One of the...

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'They Are Broke or Homeless': 3-Year Cruise Passengers Yet to Receive Refunds Are Pursuing Fraud Charges

Would-be Life at Sea cruise passengers saw their dreams capsize before the ship even set sail.

Side Hustle

This Retired UPS Employee Started a People-Oriented Side Hustle That Earns More Than $500,000 a Year — and 'Anyone With a Pulse Can Do It'

William Zuniga wanted a side gig that would help him meet new people — and he found a very lucrative one.

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Why Therapy in Retirement Is So Important

When preparing for retirement, most people think about finances and the impact of age on their physical health. But not enough people think about the mental and emotional aspects of...