Gold IRA: Is This New Type of Retirement Account a Good Post-Pandemic Investment?

Today’s precarious economic environment makes a strong argument for alternative retirement investments for the post-pandemic era. This, at least, is the prevailing sentiment among many investors and market-watchers who fear...

Peter Daisyme

5 Tips to Keep Calm When Your 401(k) Crashes

It’s not easy to keep your cool in the face of a market crash. Even if you were prepared and had a well-diversified portfolio with everything from stocks to bonds...

Jordan Bishop

The New Way to Retire: Start a Digital Business

How retirees can become 'second act' entrepreneurs by acquiring an online business.

Blake Hutchison

What is the 4 Percent Rule and Why You Should Avoid It

Even if you aren’t basking in your golden years just yet, just the thought of retirement can cause you to wake up in a cold sweat. Approximately two-thirds of Americans...

John Rampton

How to Know if You’ll Adjust Well to Retirement and Tips to Help You Prepare

The transition from a productive working life to retirement can be difficult. Many retirees say it’s more complicated than they expected. As with all major transitions, some things will make...

Jordan Bishop

The Top 11 Ways to Make Extra Money After Retirement

Many people see retirement as a time of relaxation and leisure, but the truth is that it can be an intense experience. You have to come to terms with no...

Jordan Bishop

What Are The 5 Types of Annuities?

Annuities may seem complex. In reality, they’re very straightforward — like a warm and delicious pizza. All variations of pizza contain the following basic structure; crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings....

Angela Ruth

Annuities: 15 Things You Must Know to Save You Time and Money

The prospect of having some sort of guaranteed retirement income is particularly attractive in today’s uncertain financial climate. The threat of stock market volatility or outliving your savings is less...

John Rampton

The Best Credit Cards for Retirement

Retirement is a significant milestone in life, and it’s essential to be prepared for the exciting time of your golden years. One way of doing so is by making sure...

Jordan Bishop

7 Tips for Saving Money on Travel During Retirement

Retirement is a time of freedom and flexibility. Many retirees look forward to traveling more often, but they worry about the costs that come with it. With low savings, shorter...

Jordan Bishop

The Secret to Annuities? What the Heck Are They?

If you’re hoping to diversify your retirement portfolio and have more peace of mind throughout retirement, you may consider purchasing an annuity. But, to make sure that this is the...

Albert Costill

If You Don't Watch Out, These 3 Tax Issues Could Blow Up Your Retirement

Worried about how taxes will decimate your nest egg? Yep, it can blow it to smithereens. Take a few tips from this piece and apply them to your situation.

Melissa Brock