US-Based Startup Spike Enters The UAE To Offer Healthcare Providers Better Access To Data From Wearable Tech

Built as an application program interface that can access all major wearable and internet of things providers, Spike's platform helps medical providers gain access to an exhaustive user information database based on biomarkers.

Five Of The Best Ways To Scale Your SME (With No Investment)

You should also naturally prepare for any surprises along the way, but most importantly, planning will help you to remain financially stable.

Mayur Bommai

"We Got Funded!" Dubai-Based Tabby Raises US$58 Million In A Series C Funding Round

Tabby has become the first fintech startup in the GCC to receive funding from PayPal Ventures.

Startup Spotlight: Tunis-Born Reedz's Arabic Audiobook Platform Caters To A Growing Need For Condensed Content

Currently built as a freemium model that allows users to access some of the audiobooks, podcasts, and other content on the app, Reedz's premium version gives unlimited access to the entire library.

Haters Gonna Hate. (But Not Everyone Is A Hater Either.)

As entrepreneurs, there's really a lot that can be said about you and your businesses in terms of how you respond to criticism on those two factors- and that, by itself, should make you reconsider how you go about doing just that.

Aby Sam Thomas

Ten Tips To Turn Your Passion Project Into A Business

Having made the transition from passion to profession in the publishing business (an industry that was itself nascent at the time) with her own company, the Dreamwork Collective founder has countless lessons to share.

Kira Jean

"We Got Funded!" UAE-Based Fintech Startup Alaan Raises US$4.5 Million

Founded by ex-McKinsey employees Parthi Duraisamy and Karun Kurien in August 2022, Alaan has averaged a monthly growth of 500% since then.

UAE-Based Shapes Defined Is Redefining The Scope Of Visual Content For E-Commerce Businesses In The GCC

With product photography that leverage the best of contemporary photography software, and time-saving operational model, Shapes Defined is helping e-commerce businesses with their visual branding.

Five Ways Business Leaders Can Make A Meaningful Difference To Employee Wellbeing And Happiness

Business leaders recognize that employees are the driving force of a business, and research shows that businesses with happier staff are more productive, more efficient, and more effective.

In Tune With The Self: Deepak Chopra Believes Entrepreneurs Need To Redefine What Success Means To Them

"When I talk to these entrepreneurs, I ask them, 'Why are you doing what you do?' And they [often] say that they they're doing it to make money, and they're all already planning an exit strategy before they even start a business. That kind of attitude is doomed to fail, in my opinion."

Aby Sam Thomas

Startup Spotlight: Saudi Arabia-Based Uvera Is Here To Rid You Of Your Food Spoilage Woes

Uvera's main product, Aurora, is a next-generation artificial intelligence of things device that can increase the shelf-life of fresh food up to 97% on average, within only 30 seconds and without using any chemicals.

Three Tips For Brands And Retailers To Unlock New Opportunities From The Trends Reshaping Global Markets

In terms of trends, sustainability could be a trump card for retailers this year.

Hakim Amar